As part of the agreement, Pyratex will deliver workshops in the School of Architecture and Design’s new Bachelor in Fashion Design. The program, which starts in September 2024, offers students a dynamic and immersive experience that focuses on sustainability, fashion management skills, and the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with new technologies.

As academic partner, Pyratex will also deliver a series of technical workshops and partner with IE University to conduct research on the development of innovative technologies and materials applied to design. The company will also provide fibers for IE School of Architecture and Design students to experiment with, among other initiatives. These fibers and materials will be part of the textile repository at IE University’s new Creative Campus located in the Palacio de los Condes de Mansilla in Segovia.

"We are excited to join forces with Pyratex, a proven pioneer in textile innovation and sustainability. This new agreement highlights IE University’s focus on shaping the future of fashion through education in unique ways with a sustainable and international mindset."
Baruc Corazón, Director of the Bachelor in Fashion Design at IE School of Architecture and Design

Regina Polanco, CEO and founder of PYRATEX® mentions that "raising awareness about sustainability in fashion among the next generation of designers has always been important to us as a company. We have seen the rise of young brands that are born sustainable, with responsible practices at the heart of the company instead of as a policy. We know that these students represent the future of the fashion industry". 

"IE University shares many values with Pyratex, such as innovation and sustainability."
Regina Polanco, CEO and founder of PYRATEX®

Pyratex, an R&D company and supplier of natural performance materials, produces fabrics and knitwear made from natural, biobased and recycled compositions. Pyratex supply chain is certified and ensures traceability starting from the fiber, while their localized production minimizes environmental impact.

The new IE School of Architecture and Design’s Bachelor in Fashion Design, which starts in September, integrates craft, individual expression, and a purpose-driven approach. With a focus on sustainability, fashion management skills and the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with new technologies, this intensive program will equip students to excel in the world of fashion, as well as to make a positive change through thoughtful, innovative design. Students will study the first two years in the Segovia Campus and the last two years in Madrid. The program is in English and is for individuals who are creative, driven, and passionate about fashion as a means of cultural expression and identity, and who are eager to make a positive change through the design of garments, accessories, complements, and collections. The program also appeals to those interested in fashion as a global business and an industry that fosters the development of craft.