A truly global community Being part of the School community allows you to connect with your classmates and alumni to create new opportunities and seize the benefits of belonging to a truly global network of professionals.


Our School´s identity is built thanks to the exceptional people that shape our unique community. From undergraduate students, who share their passion and enthusiasm, to graduate students who are the reflection of eagerness and ambition, to our faculty and alumni who look forward to passing on their knowledge and experience to future leaders, together make up the community we are so proud of; a community that empowers itself and allows each member to develop and be part of an institution that is constantly innovating in education and counts on its cadre to succeed and improve the world around us.

People: the heart of our School



IE’s faculty, well-known for being comprised of active leaders and participants in change, bring together teaching, research, and service. The faculty assist students respond to the challenges of our world in an effective and professional way. Their leadership will unleash students’ potential, so they can make a difference as they face the real world.

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Guest Critics

Guest Critics

Professionals from prestigious firms in the field of architecture and design will provide key insights in our Lectures Series. They bring intellectual diversity and practical insights straight to the classroom to create rich and challenging programs.

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Student Services

We provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your IE experience and life in Madrid. From obtaining the student visa to finding accommodation, exploring medical insurance options or getting mobile phone service, we are here to assist you.

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Financial Aid

To further foster diversity within our programs, the IE Foundation awards tuition funding assistance to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, special talents and academic excellence.

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