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Fermín González


Fermín González


Founder of the Fermin Gonzalez Study


Building Technology


Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Fermín González Blanco is a professor of building technology at IE university, where he combines his experience in teaching construction with his professional research. He created and patented the LUPO SYSTEM, an educational game that enhances the ability to imagine in two and three-dimensions and intellectually challenge the user’s coordination, memory, sociability and creativity. It is a modular system composed of basic pieces with proportional forms and dimensions allowing for diverse combinations and assemblies. The relationship between theory and practice is the keystone of his practice.

He started his professional career working with architect Manuel Gallego. Since 2006, he has had his own architecture firm where he develops projects that combine components of research, construction and design. He has also produced exhibitions and given courses and lectures related to architecture, education and industrial design at various organizations and institutions. He often collaborates with other organizations and companies in a variety of initiatives and projects.

Fermín González Blanco received his PhD in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2010 and his professional degree in architecture the School of Architecture of Valladolid in 2002.