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Paloma Relinque


Paloma Relinque


National Director of Investments at CBRE


Real Estate Investments


Master in Real Estate Development

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Paloma Relinque is National Director of Investments in CBRE and member of the executive management committee. She currently leads the offices committee that integrates all the business lines of this sector.

Previously she was a partner in Cushman and Wakefield, a member of the executive management committee and head of the investments department. She was responsible for the Corporate Services Department, advising international companies on how to implement their occupation strategies in Spain.

She has worked in the development of occupation policies for international companies such as Citibank, McKinsey, Ford, Medtronic, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Sony Pictures.

In investment, she has participated in providing advice in sales processes as well as to investors buying multiple investment transactions including the sale of the real estate fund of Gesmadrid (Bankia), of the Boston portfolio of assets of BBVA, or the leaseback of Junta of Andalucía asset portfolio.  She has also participated in the sale of individual assets such as Colón 1, Serrano, 60 or Castellana 77, as well as providing advice on the purchase of Almagro, 9, Paseo de Recoletos, 4, or Mazarredo, 7.

Paloma holds a degree in Degree in Economics and Business from CUNEF (Complutense University of Madrid) (1998).

Courses in real estate, economy, negotiation, and e-commerce sectors.

Advanced Management Program in ESADE (2017).