Rosan Bosch

Director and co-founder of Rosan Bosch Studio

Rosan Bosch is the director and co-founder of Rosan Bosch Studio, a creative, Copenhagen-based company, working with interdisciplinary projects through art, design and architecture.

Over the last decade Rosan Bosch Studio has designed many innovative learning environments in Scandinavian countries, including the Vittra Schools in Sweden, the Bornholms Efterskole in Denmark, the Campus Gentofte and the University College of Northern Denmark. Her “”Schools without Walls”” ethos has created a very important shift in the designing of learning environments, and the results have been widely published internationally.

Rosan Bosch was educated at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Holland, and at Universitat de Bellas Artes, Barcelona, Spain. Before settling in Denmark, Rosan Bosch lived, among other places, for many years in Spain and Belgium.