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Our Masterclasses are delivered by industry professionals who are active on the cutting edge of the design world. They have experience in top architecture and design contexts, witnessing trends and catalyzing change as they build an unparalleled well of creative, up-to-the-minute insights.

Over the years, IE School of Architecture & Design has maintained a close relationship with these outstanding industry leaders, and the top companies they work for. In fact, many of the School’s programs are led by faculty members who are active members of this community.

Together, they share deep knowledge and techniques that are highly relevant, deeply rich and future-forward—either online, in-person or both. Experience this outstanding learning opportunity delivered by active, exceptional professionals as they shine a light on current sector developments.

Business of Design Series: How to win work by Jan knikker, MVRDV

Jan Knikker, Partner and Director of Strategy at MVRDV

As part of the IE Business of Design series, IE School of Architecture and Design welcomed Jan Knikker, Partner and Director of Strategy at MVRDV, the renowned Dutch studio known for its award-winning architecture built throughout the world and its commitment to sustainable, livable cities.

Climate Change and Resiliency by Tom Miller

Tom Miller, Senior Managing Director and Head of Development and Sustainability (Asia Pacific) at LaSalle Investment Management

Tom Miller explores the concept of resiliency facing the impact of risks on property investments, at both the financial asset and the community level.

Design: A Tool for Social Change. Learning from Spaces for Children by Sarit Shani Hay

Sarit Shani Hay, Architect and Award-winning designer

How do we create an inspiring environment for our children? What happens when design meets pedagogy and how can we use design as a tool for social change? Sarit Shani Hay discusses the intricacies behind designing creative spaces for kids in an era of rapid changes.

Creative Conditions: Conditioning Creativity by Joy Yoon

Joy Yoon, Studio Director of the Adidas Brooklyn Creator Farm

Joy Yoon discusses how to grow within a creative community, failing on purpose, and learning how and who to trust. Masterclass organized by IE A&D, AECOM, and Vitra.

When Real Estate Creates Great Urban Spaces by Raul Lores

Raul Lores, Author and Editor-in-Chief of Veja Sao Paulo

Raul Lores will show how thoughtful large-scale developments and mixed-use spaces can contribute to vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

Management Essentials for Architecture Firms by Enoch Sears

Enoch Sears, AIA and founder of Business of Architecture

What does it take to run a successful architecture practice that does not get in the way of producing good architecture? Enoch Sears shares the 3-part SMART Practice Method™ developed by himself as a tool that simplifies architecture firm management so that Architects and Design Managers can focus on doing their best work.

The Culture Factor and the Workplace in the Era of COVID by Elvira Muñoz

Elvira Muñoz, Director Master in Strategic Interior Design and Director. Principal Interior Design. EMEA and AECOM

Why must businesses quickly adapt to today's agile and fast-learning culture? What can Strategic Interior Design bring to this essential change? Elvira Muñoz explains why businesses have had to shift more rapidly than ever to adapt to a new world of work.

Mixtape Talks: Habitat & Care by Umberto Napolitano, Anette Spiro and Peg Rawes

Umberto Napolitano (LAN Architects), Anette Spiro (ETH), Peg Rawes (The Bartlett UCL)

The Mixtape Talks bring together trios of guests from the fields of architecture and design practice, theory, and related side disciplines to fuel conversations around candent topics on the built and produced environment.

The Importance of Interior Design in 2021 by Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne

Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne

Our post-pandemic world today needs interior designers and design thinkers more than ever.
Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne speak about why the interior design profession is now necessary more than ever and how interior designers can add value in many ways.

Defining the Profile of the Architect of the Future

Caterina de la Portilla, Architect and Mentor

In a liquid world in continual and accelerating transformation, we knew generations have the opportunity to reinvent our role in society by opening new lines of action where our work is truly valued, going from being simple tools used by our clients, to expert creative minds who lead these business relationships.

How Architecture & Design impact our health, well-being and happiness by Anupama Kundoo and Amelie De Marsily

Anupama Kundoo and Amelie De Marsily

Anupama Kundoo and Amélie De Marsily explore how three central pillars of happiness are impacted by the design of our homes, offices, buildings, and cities. Set against the backdrop of the recent pandemic, this online masterclass will explore non-conventional ways to produce more fulfilling environments.

Innovation in Urban Strategy by Iben Falconer

Iben Falconer, Architectural Strategist

In this online masterclass, Iben Falconer addresses how established urban design practice is changing with innovation, technology, and public engagement. Featuring topics such as the relationship between foodscapes and public health outcomes, this session is sure to be as insightful as it is eye-opening.