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Design: A Tool for Social Change. Learning from Spaces for Children by Sarit Shani Hay

Sarit Shani Hay, Architect and Award-winning designer

How do we create an inspiring environment for our children? What happens when design meets pedagogy and how can we use design as a tool for social change? Sarit Shani Hay discusses the intricacies behind designing creative spaces for kids in an era of rapid changes.

Creative Conditions: Conditioning Creativity by Joy Yoon

Joy Yoon, Studio Director of the Adidas Brooklyn Creator Farm

Joy Yoon discusses how to grow within a creative community, failing on purpose, and learning how and who to trust. Masterclass organized by IE A&D, AECOM, and Vitra.

The Culture Factor and the Workplace in the Era of COVID by Elvira Muñoz

Elvira Muñoz, Director Master in Strategic Interior Design and Director. Principal Interior Design. EMEA and AECOM

Why must businesses quickly adapt to today's agile and fast-learning culture? What can Strategic Interior Design bring to this essential change? Elvira Muñoz explains why businesses have had to shift more rapidly than ever to adapt to a new world of work.

The Importance of Interior Design in 2021 by Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne

Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne

Our post-pandemic world today needs interior designers and design thinkers more than ever.
Cheryl Durst and Dean Martha Thorne speak about why the interior design profession is now necessary more than ever and how interior designers can add value in many ways.

How Architecture & Design impact our health, well-being and happiness by Anupama Kundoo and Amelie De Marsily

Anupama Kundoo and Amelie De Marsily

Anupama Kundoo and Amélie De Marsily explore how three central pillars of happiness are impacted by the design of our homes, offices, buildings, and cities. Set against the backdrop of the recent pandemic, this online masterclass will explore non-conventional ways to produce more fulfilling environments.


Hunter Tura, CEO of YOO North America and founder and CEO of Syndicate X

Hunter Tura leads this online masterclass that explores creative practice through efficient production. By thinking in a “third way” and establishing a new creative framework, we can produce higher quality, more sustainable designs.

Design and Creativity: The Power to Shift Cultures by Rob Brown

Rob Brown, Currently BBVA’S GLOBAL CMO

In this online masterclass, Rob Brown discusses the power of design, space and culture. Using real-world examples, he will explore how these concepts can transform companies and help produce sustainable solutions.

Trends and the new digital workplace ecosystem by Xiaolin GU

Xiaolin GU, Ideation Workplace Strategist at Haworth

Xiaolin Gu discusses how the concept of workplace strategy is evolving. She will explore how, with technological advancement and changing work patterns, our search for “standard solutions” is becoming more challenging.

Your Brain on Design: The relationship between Neuroscience, Design and Wellbeing by Charrisse Johnston

Charrisse Johnston, Principal and Co-Founder of StudioSALT

Have you ever wondered why only certain designs last the test of time? What about the impact of color in eliciting hunger or sleepiness? In this online masterclass, Charrisse Johnston explores these ideas, alongside other puzzles of design.