Student Stories

Stories of Master in Business for Architecture and Design (13)

Joseph, Lebanon

Agile Coach Consultant, KEGON AG
"The program taught me to observe, listen and take action in a creative and pragmatic manner."
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José María, Spain

Partner at Martin Lejarraga Architecture Office
“The pandemic forced us to spend more time at home and we realized the need for housing to better serve its inhabitants. The future of housing needs to include flexible and sustainable solutions that can adapt to our needs.”
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María, Spain

Founder and Director of Atelier MEL
"There are so many ways in which the versatile role of architects can contribute."
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Julia , Spain

Project Manager and Workplace Consultant at AECOM
"The innovative approach of the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces and its focus on user experience design, made me think differently and more creatively when solving problems.”
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Elvira, Spain

CEO and Partner, Labit Group
"I decided to start the program because I wanted to look more at the business of architecture, and not designing so much. I wanted to open my mind to the world and the program gave me all the tools that I needed for that."
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Dana, Jordan

Founder at NOMAD
"The program has provided me with solid professional skills and with the right network and environment to strengthen my professional potential as an entrepreneur and architect.”
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Daniel, Manila (Philippines)

Founder at Architecture studio Visionarch
“What I really enjoyed and found useful about the program is that it teaches you the business side of how to run an architectural office. Additionally, the course is very open, we all open up to different architectural practices. As a result, you get to understand and learn how other professionals work.”
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Jennifer Lizbeth, Lima (Perú)

Founder at OVA (Office of Versatile Architecture) in Lima
"I have grown a lot as a person through my MBArch experience, and I now have “the little bug of innovation and entrepreneurship” in my veins."
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Pietro, Milan (Italy)

Co-Founder and Leader of Architecture Projects at IArchitects
"Studying the the Master in Business for Architecture and Design at IE has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my vocation. The program has aided me in becoming more organized and a better professional!"
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Tanvi, New Delhi (India)

Community Design Manager at
"The most important aspect that factored in my growth during the program was the wide range of highly driven professionals from around the world."
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Sudharsana, New Delhi (India)

Architect at Populous
"One of the key aspects of the course was the vast spectrum of people I got to interact with – both in terms of geography and experience."
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Paula, Bogotá (Colombia)

Architect and Founder at Echeverrimontes
"I am very proud of being part of a community that is as dynamic and creative as IE!"
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Jo-Anne, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Associate at Gensler
"There is a permanent challenge for architects and it is to protect the building, it could be part of the legacy for future generations. That is a big responsibility!"
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