Student Stories

Stories of Master in Real Estate Development (6)

Florian, Germany

Business Development & Sales at TL
“The Master in Real Estate Development was the right program for me. It taught me the business and financial skills required for working in the industry, while exploring the foundations of architecture and importance of design.”
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Simon, Belgium

Venture Associate at Plug and Play
“The Master’s in Real Estate Development trained and strengthened my confidence, shaping my future involvement in leadership roles outside my comfort zone, and taught me how to best communicate and engage with the key stakeholders involved in city-making.”
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Bernard, France

Business Growth Associate (FR), Longevity Partners
“Real estate is changing, and it’s changing fast. It is an exciting time to enter the industry and to contribute to its evolution.”
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Juan, Mexico

Development Associate at Thor Urbana
“As soon as I joined the program, I noticed that the professors were among the best real estate professionals in Spain and Europe. That’s when I knew that I was on the right track.”
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Sergio , Mexico City (Mexico)

"MRED allowed me to meet incredible people and learn every single day from them, culturally, academically, and professionally. Today, I feel like a much more prepared professional with a lot more thirst for challenges."
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Nikolaus, Munich (Germany)

Real Estate Investment Consultant at TME Associates
"Learning to collaborate with different people from different cultures and backgrounds enriches everyone’s mind."
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