Global Master in Real Estate Development

Key Innovation Factors And Investment Strategies For Sustainable Cities
The Global Master in Real Estate Development (GMRED) is a part-time world-class program that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional education. With a focus on technology and sustainability, students explore the relationship between Real Estate development, investment and city infrastructure from a wholly global perspective.




15 months




Madrid, Mexico City and Online

Mode of study






Discover the relationship between architecture, urban planning, business and cities—and how they can apply to existing complex real-estate projects. In order to become leading professionals of the future, our online Master’s Degree in Real Estate students may stay on the latest trends, apply innovative digital tools and have a sustainable, holistic understanding of current Real Estate factors.

This 15-months part-time Master is an online master in Real Estate, combined with five weeks of face-to-face sessions—making it compatible with students’ professional and personal lives.


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Real estate development is constantly evolving. Join our masterclasses with industry experts such as Raul Lores, Tom Miller and Iben Falconer to stay ahead of the curve.


Letter from the Director

Dear Future Member of the IE Global Master in Real Estate Development,

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that “the only thing that is constant is change,” and this is true more than ever today. In a changing world, education is the most powerful means to understanding and unlocking new opportunities. In this uncertain landscape of rapid urbanization, globalization, climate change, new technologies, and public health crises, the real estate sector must be prepared for whatever the future might hold.

In the Global Master in Real Estate Development, a program designed especially for working professionals, we will learn to be one step ahead, to be flexible, and create value not only for ourselves or our company but also for our cities and communities.  We will focus on real estate development, investment and finances, sustainable urban futures, and international legal contexts.  New communication technologies for remote collaboration are transforming the real estate sector, and our program will help you reinvent the role of the profession by emphasizing technological proficiency and innovative modes of teamwork.


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Global perspective of Real Estate development

By studying our Master in Real Estate online, you will gain a global perspective of Real Estate development. Know how international players work to understand and multiply opportunities.

Sustainability and resilience of Real Estate projects

Through our online master's degree in Real Estate, you will examine the key factors of sustainability and resilience of Real Estate projects, with a focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Latest and most innovative technologies

You will use the latest and most innovative technologies to analyze critical Real Estate principles and practices, in both the private sector and public-private partnerships.

Accelerate your career

You will accelerate your career, staying one step ahead of the Real Estate market.

Become a strong and inspiring leader

Thanks to our master's in Real Estate online program, you will become a strong, inspiring leader, ready to make an impact on modern cities.

10 reasons to join the Online Master in Real Estate Development

The Global Cities are about to see huge growth, and their real estate markets need to be ready for new waves of citizens, firms and global investors.

Why now is the best time to become a real estate leader

For the past years, our innovative Master in Real Estate Development (MRED) and Global Master in Real Estate Development (GMRED) programs have strengthened participants’ expertise in real estate development and given them the skill set to lead the way in this constantly evolving sector.


Why now is the best time to become a real estate leader

The coming climate transition will have a lasting impact on the real estate industry, creating new sources of value and revenue streams for both tenants and investors, as well as presenting an opportunity to transform communities. The shift to remote working and its social impact, plus the rise of online commerce and its impact on logistics, have already shaken up the industry as we know it. The circular economy, global flows of capital and the fast-changing social, economic and environmental (ESG) conditions in cities all require new skills and knowledge which go beyond the reach of the traditional real estate curriculum.

ESG factors are now more relevant than ever, with regulatory agencies increasingly requiring environmental factors to be taken into account in real estate projects, as well as investors applying ESG criteria as performance metrics. Issues such as equitable development, affordable housing and managing the impact of climate change are all vital for a holistic, sustainable understanding of real estate. The climate transition not only poses challenges, but presents unique opportunities for the real estate industry—leading to the creation of new job roles focused on reevaluating assets and achieving net-zero transition.

Taught by leading academics and industry sector experts, our programs use cutting-edge technologies and offer you real-world experience through site visits and international trips, ensuring you’re prepared for the challenges and opportunities of today’s real estate world.


The Blended Methodology of Learning

We bring education to you, so you can get the most out of it. Our approach isn’t just online or on campus — it’s blended.

We align and combine the best of technology, pedagogy and our world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment.

Through our virtual campus and our WOW Room, you get a challenging and highly interactive educational experience. The well-structured, faculty-led sessions fit into the modern professional’s busy schedule and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. Engage with other global professionals in synchronous and asynchronous sessions including interactive small groups where you work on real-world, industry-based case studies. The forums offer the possibility to participate in the faculty-led asynchronous sessions every week from Monday to Thursday. Professors will moderate these written discussions about chosen topics in order to achieve the learning objectives.



There are many doors to success. Open the right one for you.

Build a personal and professional network that lasts

Our program participants make lifelong personal connections and build extensive professional networks. There are many ways to connect and engage with the IE community, during and after your studies.With over 60 clubs worldwide covering a diverse range of interests, regular events and a global alumni directory, staying in touch with over 66,000 members of the IE Community across 165 countries is easy.

Real collaborations, real challenges

Our close partnerships with leading collaborators mean you’ll build relationships with real companies in the sector. Two optional weeks at the UFGC during the program will put you in contact with the most innovative and inspiring professionals in the sector.

You’ll work at real-world sites provided by C40 Reinventing Cities, and you’ll meet top private and public stakeholders in every trip to Madrid and Mexico City and at an optional post-graduation trip to London.

IE Talent & Careers

Our Talent & Careers team are there to help you design your career path. Impactful career advice and useful resources will help you beyond your time studying with IE.

Our commitment to providing agile, personalized recruitment solutions to top companies and institutions directly connects our alumni with recruiters looking for the brightest talent.



  • Uber | IE Architecture and Design
  • AEDAS | IE Architecture and Design
  • Credit Suisse | IE Architecture and Design
  • CR | IE Architecture and Design
  • Deloitte | IE Architecture and Design
  • Greystar | IE Architecture and Design
  • Castellana Norte | IE Architecture and Design
  • CBRE | IE Architecture and Design
  • Citizen | IE Architecture and Design
  • iintoo | IE Architecture and Design
  • Knight Frank | IE Architecture and Design
  • Patrizia | IE Architecture and Design
  • Sencorp | IE Architecture and Design


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"Learning to collaborate with different people from different cultures and backgrounds enriches everyone’s mind."
Master in Real Estate Development
"MRED allowed me to meet incredible people and learn every single day from them, culturally, academically, and professionally. Today, I feel like a much more prepared professional with a lot more thirst for challenges."
Sergio Corona, Mexico
Master in Real Estate Development
"Modern real estate and city-making is vital due to the unprecedented scale and pace of urbanization in cities around the world."
Ioane Menabde, Georgia
Master in Real Estate Development
"If I could sum up the program in one word it would be “enriching.” The teaching, the variety of subjects, and the diverse nature of your classmates make this program special."
Ryan Theodore, Australia
Global Master in Real Estate Development
"If you want to learn something new or prepare to join the next project team, this program can be your secret weapon."
Ikuya Yasui, Japan
Master in Real Estate Development
"Urbanization is a major trend in the world today. Every single development project must be well defined to build adaptable cities of the future."
Tom Dahler, Germany
Master in Real Estate Development
"My plan is to learn about innovative real-estate practices and technology from around the world, and hopefully implement them back in Fiji."
Reginald Jokhan, Fiji
Global Master in Real Estate Development
"It’s been quite a spin seeing architecture from a completely different angle. In these two weeks, I’ve already seen the potential of what I’m hoping to do and it’s a great opportunity to build on these skills."
Barak Alberro, Spain
Global Master in Real Estate Development
"I wanted to get a fresh perspective of what the world of real estate was like abroad, especially in Europe and the US, and I think it was a great decision."
Gonzalo Aldea, Colombia
Global Master in Real Estate Development
"The Global Master in Real Estate Development is different from other programs. Its emphasis on sustainability gives it an advantage over the other programs and was my main drive for selecting it."
Ayman El Baitam, Palestine
Global Master in Real Estate Development

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