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Key Innovation Factors And Investment Strategies For Sustainable Cities


Where you study always impacts the way you learn. But when your program centers on urban architecture, the dynamics of our host cities play a fundamental role in the entire educational experience.

In Madrid, fast-paced urban change is taking place with a host of tech startups transforming the sector. Immersed in IE University’s campus environment, you will become part of the momentum of this dynamic city. But Madrid is only one of three major capitals you’ll visit during the program. From the ultra-modern London cityscape to the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, there’s plenty to catch the eye of the keen-sighted urban developer.

These physical locations fluidly merge with the online component of the program. In between the on-the-ground periods, your education will take place in a cutting-edge virtual environment. With tools to ensure maximum impact and engagement, the online periods are a vital part of the program experience.

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*Mandatory Madrid Face-to-Face Period

Madrid is an open and vibrant city, and the location of the IE University academic headquarters, as well as the IE School of Architecture and Design. This is where you’ll meet your fellow master’s students, connect with professors and discover all the opportunities the university offers.

The city itself is an up-and-coming entrepreneurial ecosystem with a dynamic culture and leisure scene. In the last decade the availability of space, affordable cost of living and active Spanish mindset have contributed to an entrepreneurial boom—and IE University is a major player in this scene.


*Mandatory Trip

As one of the ten most-populated cities in the world—with over 20 million inhabitants—Mexico city fully represents the global nature of the Master program.
It offers an incredible opportunity to learn about new investment approaches, technical solutions, or ways to live in challenging environments.

Margarita Chiclana, GMRED Director explains that, as one of the most populous cities on the planet, Mexico presents endless opportunities for study, making it a logical choice for the program. The city allows the students to understand the problems that modern urban areas face and to start searching for solutions that could be applied not only in Mexico City but also in other parts of the world.

Cristina Mateo, ViceDean agrees, calling Mexico City “the endless city.” She explains the city’s massive population is also one of its biggest issues, causing a ripple effect that manifests as inadequate housing, constant challenges in mobility and transportation, and challenges stemming from climate change.

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*Optional Post-Graduation Trip

As one of the first cities to go global, London is a prime example of how an international city functions. You will discover the challenges and opportunities that are part of a global city, as well as its vibrant rhythm from both a personal and professional perspective. While there, you will visit relevant and exemplary projects while also meeting with public and private stakeholders.



Urban Future Global Conference (UFGC) is Europe´s largest event for sustainable cities. But it is also so much more than that. It´s a community of passionate CityChangers from all over the world.

Cities including Vienna, Oslo, and Lisbon have been chosen by the Urban Future Global Conference to organize debates and share knowledge regarding sustainable and smart cities.

Through the Global Master in Real Estate Development, there will be two optional City-Immersion weeks at Urban Future Global Conference where you could interact directly with top industry experts.

You can become part of this ecosystem by participating in work groups to become a city changer. This will put you in the same sphere as the thousands of decision-makers, politicians, public officials, scientists, NGOs and companies that are at the forefront of the sector.

The next UFGC will be Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second-largest city is a European architectural powerhouse, boasting some of the most impressive and groundbreaking architecture on the continent. It’s this reputation—and the proliferation of leading architectural firms—that have earned it the nickname Manhattan at the Meuse. Aside from its extensive architectural treasures, the city has a proud sporting history, ample shopping, a selection of museums, informative boat tours and a broad culinary offering.

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