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Drive change through strategic interior design
In our ever-changing and unpredictable world, our interior spaces have become more and more important. We are spending about 90% of our time indoors. We have seen an increased blurring of the boundaries between our physical and digital worlds. Interior spaces must adapt to new needs, and be healthful, beautiful, and sustainable at the same time.



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Strategic interior designers are needed now more than ever to rethink our interior spaces and come up with strategic solutions for a wide range of functions including corporate, retail, education, hospitality, mixed uses, and beyond. In this Strategic Interior Design program, you will learn how to approach the design of interior spaces taking into account people’s needs, behavior and aspirations, the impact of technology, functionality, and wellness. You will see the connection between well-designed interior spaces and the goals of an organization or business, its people, and its brand. You will learn the tools and techniques you will need to implement your creative ideas. 

Why do we say strategic interior design? Because we know that we must be agile and able to adapt to new situations. Our spaces must meet multiple goals at the same time. We may need to transform existing spaces for new uses or design new interiors for multiple functions. And do all of this to create interiors that keep people and our environment at the forefront. 


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Did you know that, on an average day, professionals spend over 65% of their working hours away from their desk? This means office buildings around the globe are regularly half-empty, yet organizations still pay for the space! How is this sustainable?

Or, when an online store opens a brick-and-mortar one, did you know that online sales go up in that geographic area? As e-commerce players are quickly realizing, a symbiotic relationship is often essential for success.

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Integrating design strategies, technology, user needs and corporate objectives

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Strategic interior design graduates of this program are prepared for many positions and new ones that are being established. Interior designers may work for architecture and design firms, a multitude of companies that rely on functional, creative spaces and need responsive interiors, such as real estate developers, facilities management, banks, retail establishments, hotels, educational institutions, cultural institutions, and many others, along with the public sector. Graduates may also start their own initiatives or become consultants or take on managerial roles using their skills as strategic interior designers. Some of our graduates have worked for the following companies:
  • Gensler
  • Scott Brownrigg
  • JLL
  • Colliers International
  • Launchlabs
  • RosanBosch
  • Inditex
  • Idom
  • Jean Paul Viguier
  • Vitra
  • Accenture
  • Vodafone
  • O+A


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This is a University Private Degree from IE Universidad*, and taught in IE School of Architecture and Design. More information on what earning a University Private Degree from IE Universidad entails.

*IE Universidad is a University officially recognized by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to grant both Official University Degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees), which are specifically regulated and accredited by Spanish Ministry of Education and University Private Degrees (Master), which are specifically designed by the University towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE. Both types of degrees are equally backed by the rigor and prestige of IE University.

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