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Drive change through strategic interior design


At IE University we promote a holistic learning experience. We continuously expose students to extensive and highly technical projects that require in-depth research, collaboration, testing and evaluation. Through the years, our students have presented exceptional work and below you can see for yourself.

We believe in providing our students with an environment that encourages them to develop as an individual, scholar and young professional. This approach will allow for students to be able to bring to their projects sincere passion and tangible dedication.

As a fast-learning professional at IE University, you will have the ability to work with teams, be exposed to an international profile, and creative approach to solving problems. You will be able to continue to leverage your interpersonal and communication skills on a daily basis as well as being presented with real life experiences.
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Training designed to develop experts in a demanding field

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to either join companies that provide design and consultancy services, establish or enhance their own practices in the field of work, retail, hospitality and learning environments where demand for honed strategic expertice is high.

The program will undertake careful analyses of work, retail, hospitality and learning environments from multiple perspectives that will included theoretical, technological, spatial and managerial issues.

The program seeks to provide a unique understanding of the relationships between strategy, space design and performance objectives. It comes at a time when organizations are radically rethinking how they will function in the future due to profound changes in technology, economics and culture. The multifaceted nature of the course will address the design of these spaces with a transdisciplinary and holistic approach, fostering new ways of understanding the definition of contemporary communal environments.

Disruption is what changes the world

Disruptors grew out of a desire to showcase our alumni’s journey to success, to highlight their dreams for the future and the paths they are taking to get there. These are the people who constantly disrupt our accepted norms, working towards the betterment of this globalized world.

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Strategic interior design graduates of this program are prepared for many positions and new ones that are being established. Interior designers may work for architecture and design firms, a multitude of companies that rely on functional, creative spaces and need responsive interiors, such as real estate developers, facilities management, banks, retail establishments, hotels, educational institutions, cultural institutions, and many others, along with the public sector. Graduates may also start their own initiatives or become consultants or take on managerial roles using their skills as strategic interior designers. Some of our graduates have worked for the following companies:

Position: Landscape Architect

Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Position: Founder

Country: Basel, Switzerland

Launch Lab

Position: Architect

Country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosan Bosch

Position: Architect

Country: London, UK


Position: Workplace Consultant

Country: Basel, Switzerland


Position: Designer

Country: Dubai, UAE


Position: Business Development

Country: Düsseldorf, Germany


Position: Architec Intern

Country: San Francisco, USA



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