Master in Strategic Interior Design - Study Trips

Drive change through strategic interior design

Master in Strategic Interior Design outside the classroom

Strategic interior design students will get the chance to learn from others and speak with stakeholders in Europe outside the classroom. This program offers the opportunity to visit two different cities, Milan and Basel. Gain a holistic introduction to these two vibrant cities which will steer you in the right direction and give you valuable insight about strategic interior design. As a strategic interior design student, this study trips will allow you to interact and create meaningful connections with a plenitude of exceedingly intelligent, ambitious and kind-hearted professionals.
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Students will get the chance to visit the remarkable ensemble of contemporary architecture bringing together the commercial and cultural aspects of the Swiss furniture manufacturer, for decades, the buildings designed by renowned architects, have made the production site a magnet for fans of design and architecture from all over the world.

LAB/ workshop in the VITRA CAMPUS “Built to last, designed to remain”.

Scope of the Subject

In light of the current environmental and ecological crisis, our needs as users, but also the infrastructures and systems that are shaping the world have to change. Constant growth and availability need to be reset to a circular process instead of a linear one, (re)adapting to natural resources and capacities. New products and solutions need to bear the genes of sustainability from the beginning: built to last and designed to remain.

If there is a company truly committed with the environment, has the sustainable values in its core and is leading the strategy in this field, it is VITRA.

In this workshop format, you will learn how to respond to the global environmental challenge by providing design solutions that are future proof, sustainable AND timeless.


A city renowned for its holistic commitment to design, product and handcraftsmanship.

Futureproof Solutions: Strategic Planning, Cultural Synchronisation, Informed Design, Business Transformation and Sustainable Evolution.


Scope of the Trip

In this trip you will visit different kind of key stakeholders in the design manufacturing process that will provide you with knowledge about craftmanship, the industrial design process, the inspiration, the commercialization of products and the positioning in the market

You will be taught how to work closely with the craftsmen, identify quality and excellence, and understand how objects are designed, manufactured, commercialized, exhibited, shown and sold.

Haworth, as one of the key lead brands of the furniture sector, will share with you how it is a global strategic partner to its clients through a consultative approach, digital transformation and innovation in design and delivery.

After the visits, you will also have a Masterclass by Giulio Cappellini on his vision of Design and another with two experts in real projects, the VP WEMEA at Haworth, Francois Brounais, and Jennifer Celesia, EMEA workplace strategist.

Proposed Focus of the Challenge

Through this workshop format session, you will learn how to respond to a workplace design challenge providing a strategic solution that will drive its output from data you generated using Haworth digital tools suite. You will present a holistic solution that answers the specific business criteria / drivers outlined at the beginning of the challenge.

The solution should be  future proof, sustainable (both environmentally and economically conscious) and tailored to the client’s unique needs (as outlined above).

The student with the best response will earn a 6-month scholarship at Haworth.