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IE School of Global and Public Affairs to present a panel in the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s Public Forum 2019

WTO | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

The IE School of Global and Public Affairs, in partnership with the ITC and the ITFC, are going to present a panel in the (WTO)’s Public Forum.

The IE School of Global and Public Affairs,  in partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), has been selected to present a panel in the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s Public Forum, an event where the WTO opens its doors to over 1,500 representatives from civil society, academia, business, the media, governments, parliamentarians and inter-governmental organizations every year.

The WTO Public Forum is the largest annual outreach event, which provides a platform for participants to discuss the latest developments in world trade and to propose ways of enhancing the multilateral trading system. This year’s theme is “Trading Forward: Adapting to a Changing World” and the selected panel falls under one of the sub-themes “The next generation — what do Millennials & Gen Z want to see from global trade”.

With the panel “New paradigms for an increasingly digitalized economy: Perspectives, adaptation and talent upgrading”, the speakers will discuss about the contribution of Millennials and Gen Z in the development of new ways of trading goods and services together with their economic impact vis-à-vis the corresponding regulatory challenges posed to national and international markets, with the corresponding civil society concerns (in terms of safety, security, reliability, sustainability, employment, competition, …). Millennials and Gen Z have particularly influenced the current consumption patterns as they diversify from mostly consuming manufactured goods to hiring all types of services (particularly through e-platforms). They have increasingly become users of sharing economy as it offers opportunities for easier and more affordable transport, accommodation, workplace, education, housing, etc. Millennials often become ‘influencers’, ‘youtubers’, ‘instagrammers’ or “bloggers” while creating market trends. And there is an increasing inclination for millennials to become minimalists for many reasons: increased mobility, environmental concerns, changed lifestyles, economic trends, living preferences, technology, and mobility, among others.

The panel, moderated by Altagracia Cuevas, Program Advisor to the School, is composed by prominent speakers who will contribute with valuable inputs both on their personal and professional capacities:

  • Javier García Colino, Blockchain Strategy Advisor, Ownly.cc , Business Developer at Minsait and alumnus from IE School of Global and Public Affairs.
  • Rupa Ganguli, Founder, and CEO, INCLUSIVE TRADE Ltd.
  • Isaac Martin Barbero, Vice-Chancellor for Innovation, Industry, Commerce, and Consumption, Community of Madrid.
  • Alhasan Basalamah, Senior Manager, Trade & Business Development at ITFC, Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC).

With this interesting mix of speakers and diverse panel, the IE School of Global and Public Affairs will bring different perspectives from the public and private sector and will engage in a fruitful discussion about the latest trends affecting international trade geared by (or even affecting) Millennials and Gen Z.

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