Alumni Stories

Sara Ivette, Nicaragua

Owner’s representative at Seaboard Marine
“I am passionate about the positive impact that trade and commerce have on our communities, as they serve as catalysts for change in matters of women empowerment, poverty eradication and overall improvement of the quality of life.”
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Hamza, India

Treasury Manager, International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)
“This course has helped me understand the concept of global trade on a much broader level.”
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Mirna, Jordan

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
“Studying with international students has broadened my mindset and provided me with valuable insights that would have taken me ages to build on my own.”
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Senior Government and Public Services Consultant
“IE University leverages their diversity in the recruiting process, but I can say that the first-hand experience is much more rewarding than what is advertised.”
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Jessica, USA / UK

Business Innovation Project Manager, World Food Programme
“These are the kinds of experiences you can’t get enough of.”
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Gabriela, Venezuela

Consultant in the Office of Outreach and Partnerships at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
“While the academics were rigorous and the networking opportunities were resourceful, the most unique and life-changing aspect of the program was the diversity represented by the students and professors.”
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Shuhan, China

Research Assistant at IE University
“It’s a great joy to listen to the debates between my open-minded classmates, where discussions are imbued with different viewpoints.”
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Andrew, USA

Consultant, International Fact-Checking Network
“In an increasingly connected world, the new International Development program at IE University appealed to me as a way of advancing my career path in years to come.”
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