“We live everything as it comes, without warning, like an actor going on cold”. Milan Kundera.

Adam, UK and France

International MBA and Masters in International Relations

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Adam Mitchell-Heggs

About me

I'm Adam.... I am a British citizen of the world (or citizen of nowhere according to some...) I was born and raised in France and have always had a passion for international adventures, whether work, study, or leisure. I have worked across Europe, the US, and Asia; I have studied in London, Toulouse, Buenos Aires, and Madrid; and I have visited over 30 countries (and countless more cities).

I am quite a diverse person with respect to my interests as I like to play all sports, listen to all music (I have over >20 different languages in my iTunes), and love meeting people from all around the world. My educational background combines life sciences (focusing on biotechnology), business administration, and international relations and really couldn't imagine a future that doesn't involve a constant evolution and change in areas of learning. Passionate about innovation, technology, and sustainability... you will most likely find me working with some colleagues on an impact project or on a nice terrace enjoying a cold beer with an international crowd.

Adam Mitchell-Heggs, UK and France


Charles River Associates - Consulting Associate

I was born and raised in France by British Parents. My father ran an international law practice with a strong focus on building economic partnerships and conflict resolution within Europe and the developing world. I learned from a young age, the complexities and dependencies faced by different countries, organisations, and people trying to find solutions to common problems in a world governed by different laws, rules, and cultures.

Thanks to this up-bringing, I have always had a need to travel around and discover and as such have lived in many different places for different reasons. I was in Hong Kong to play rugby for several month before university; I moved to London to study Life Sciences at Imperial College; I took a placement year in Toulouse, in the South of France, to play around with biological cells and very big and expensive machines; I crossed over to Buenos Aires, in Argentina, for a couple months to learn enough Spanish to impress a girl (and to find Dulce de Leche at its source of course); and I started my professional career in strategic, economic, and policy consulting at Charles River Associates in Boston, US, and then continued with the same company in London before moving to Madrid.

foto-5My Job at Charles River Associates was a really enriching experience and provided me with the opportunity to travel the world to provide advice and insights to clients on some of the most difficult industry problems in the world. The company provided me with many surreal moments, like presenting in a large conference in Hong Kong on the future of access to medicines in East Asia; getting involved in a workshop with Ministers from Taiwan on the lessons they could learn to improve diffusion of medical technology in their country; I helped create alternative financing mechanisms for a WHO service, reports on the value of incremental innovation in Healthcare for emerging markets for large trade associations, and the future of governance of the most innovative med-tech for a large chamber of commerce. With Charles River Associates I really felt that I was contributing something towards the future of humanity in this time of disruption and decided to pursue an MBA and a Masters in International Relations to help me further contribute towards this goal.

I now find myself at IE, in Madrid, and after a long and diverse journey could not be closer to home. I completed the MBA in 2017 with a class of at least a few 1000 different nationalities (perhaps there’s a small margin of error) and started the Masters in International Relations.

Since being at IE, no day has been the same as people from across the world with incredibly different backgrounds come together and put even the most vigilant of professors on their toes!

foto-3I have really tried to fully enjoy my time here at IE and gotten involved quite heavily socially within IE, either through travels with fellow students or through participation in different clubs (see links for different interviews with IE below). I became president of the IE Rugby Club, Coordinator of the IE Snow Sports Club, and have recently worked with other students to create a new club which focuses on disruptive megatrends, the future of governance, sustainability, and also (my favourite) social enterpreneurship.

Since graduating from IE School of Global and Public Affairs, I have had the pleasure to support several social enterprises as a consultant, one of which took me to the UN General Assembly and World Economic Forum SDI summit in NYC. More recently I am working on building a social enterprise focusing on helping individuals and organisations integrate circular economy principles in their life cycles to enable shared economic, environmental, and societal gains.

With my passion for the international world, technological and regulatory innovation, and entrepreneurship for social development; I aim to one day start a global impact investment fund, providing both capital and strategic advice to help small-medium tech companies build products or services to benefit the local population and economy in developing markets. I also would like to provide advisory services to larger established companies looking to expand their technical capabilities in developing markets.