“The best thing for me was to experience firsthand how an online program can work during COVID-19, how it can bring people together and how technology can help us.”

Isabelle, Belgium

Executive Master in International Trade

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Isabelle Delacave

About me

My name is Isabelle Delacave and I studied the Executive Master in International Trade at IE University. I was born and raised in Belgium by two small-business owners, so I have always had an understanding of the importance of trade. I would say I am a constant learner; naturally curious about trying new things, ambitious and driven. In my free time, I enjoy long walks with my dog, chatting with friends over a glass of wine, and spending time with my daughter.

Isabelle Delacave, Belgium


Director of Corporate Relations for Europe and Central Asia, IE University

Applying her knowledge as a born-businesswoman

Isabelle began her Executive Master in International Trade while also working at IE University, making the most of the opportunity to be sponsored as a valued employee. Her master’s enabled her to apply the knowledge from the program directly into her day-to-day job as Director of Corporate Relations for Europe and Central Asia at IE University. Isabelle is also the Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand at IE University. Today, she regularly negotiates with private clients, applying her knowledge from the negotiation course in her program.

When reflecting on her master’s, Isabelle describes the people as a highlight. Despite a 30,000 km distance between some of them, they are close and have forged true friendships. She also found it interesting to experience first-hand how an online program can function during COVID-19—witnessing how it can bring people together and the value of technology in helping people stay in touch.

“For me, the best part of the program was the people. Although some of us were 30,000 km away from each other, we were close and we established true friendships.”

Growing up, Isabelle was surrounded by the world of small businesses. Both her parents were small business owners, so she always had a perception of the importance of supporting SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to facilitate trade. In fact, Isabelle highlights how it’s important to see the perspective of SMEs in trade because, in the EU, SMEs represent 99% of all businesses. For example, her mother imported goods from Italy into Belgium, so when French and Italian truck drivers went on strike, her mother faced huge difficulties.

When Isabelle herself was managing a small business that traded between Italy and Australia, it was challenging to bridge the distance between the two economies. However, she succeeded with the support of the Australian trade ministry.

Now a mother herself, Isabelle is passionate about spending time with her daughter, her education and making sure she grows up to be a happy, compassionate and well-balanced person who can enjoy every moment that life presents. Isabelle is also passionate about yoga; fascinated by the power it has to give people strength, both inner strength and physical strength.