“IE University leverages their diversity in the recruiting process, but I can say that the first-hand experience is much more rewarding than what is advertised.”


Dual Degree in International MBA and Master in International Relations

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KC Anderson

About me

I am originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but am now living and working in Denver, Colorado. Consulting is a strong passion of mine and I strive to make an impact with my work—in my free time, I provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations.

KC Anderson, USA


Senior Government and Public Services Consultant

Before starting my journey with IE University, I was working as a United States Army Officer. My dream has always been to work in United States Foreign Policy, and in order to do so, I needed to find a higher education program to help me transition into a civilian career. IE University’s Dual Degree International MBA and Master in International Relations program served as the perfect balance to reinforce my management skills from the army and fine-tune the business skills necessary to succeed at an international level.

When making the decision of where to complete my master’s degree, I knew I needed a program that provided international experience and opportunities for growth—both things that I could not find in a program in the United States. The Dual Degree International MBA and Master in International Relations offered the key factors necessary to become a change-maker by combining business and international relations, while also fostering an understanding of how public, private, and nonprofit organizations interact on the world stage. IE University would be able to provide me with the tools necessary to support future clients and allow me to pursue long-term career goals.

“The academic experience is unlike that of any other program, but the true learning comes from the breadth of the people and cultures learning alongside you.”

Diversity is truly the strength of IE University. The university leverages their diversity in the recruiting process, but I can say that the first-hand experience is much more rewarding than what is advertised. The academic experience is unlike that of any other program, but the true learning comes from the breadth of the people and cultures learning alongside you. I had never been to Europe prior to attending IE University, and the endless opportunities to travel inside and outside of my studies enabled me to form a global vision that I could not gain within the walls of a classroom. I will never forget the week our program spent in Brussels to visit the European Union and NATO. Standing in the European Parliament with a representative from Spain and discussing transatlantic security cooperation with officials at NATO are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will forever serve as highlights from my time as a student at IE University.

Travel and educational experiences in and out of the classroom were further enhanced by the opportunities to get involved in student life. My biggest takeaway from student life was the reward of impactful work outside of class. I took full advantage of the opportunities in front of me, especially during my time as the cofounder and president of the Global Transformation Club. Our club organized activities, facilitated speakers, and provided a forum for discussion which allowed for the safe exchange of ideas in areas that would greatly impact fellow students. Upon returning to the professional world, I continue to use the lessons I learned from being part of the Global Transformation Club to make an impact within various nonprofits, including the United We Lead Foundation, by offering pro-bono consulting services.

Upon completion of the program, I began my civilian career as a Senior Consultant for Government and Public Services for the global management consulting firm, Deloitte. I also serve as a Major in the United States Army Reserve. The two positions demand different responsibilities. As a government and public services consultant, I help executive and program leaders transform their organizations and accelerate mission execution through emerging and disruptive technologies, innovative business models, retooled program operations, and industry-driven solutions. In the army, my team and I are currently helping the United States Air Force reshape the way they train and equip their forces to prepare for near-peer threats. I utilize the skills gained in my program at IE University to be a strong, decisive leader.

The most relevant skills that IE University helped me develop are those that I use in my work as a consultant when working to understand the fundamentals of an organization, examine processes, and identify areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Through IE University’s rigorous academic curriculum, I gained the skills needed to synthesize information from multiple sources and provide a meaningful analysis.

I landed my current position at Deloitte thanks to my experience at IE University. The university opened many doors for networking opportunities, as well as interactions with an extremely talented peer group that pushed me to be the best student I could possibly be. It is also rare for people in my industry to travel abroad—the combination of my international experience and the diversity IE University provides set me apart from other applicants. For future IE University graduates who would like to apply for a consultant position at Deloitte, I would advise them to build strong relationships with your classmates and IE University alumni. It is key to leverage your network, as consulting is a relationship-driven business and the number of work opportunities is directly correlated with those relationships. Also, be sure to practice your cases for class! IE University’s program allowed me to become an expert communicator, an experienced learner, and a skilled leader.

Today, my short-term career goal is to become a Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State in order to provide leadership to an American diplomatic establishment that has fallen into disrepair. Long-term, my goal is to become an Ambassador. I aspire to continue growing in both the business and international relations areas to lead with the multicultural experience and professional skills gained during my time at IE University.