“One cherished thing that I’ve learned at IE, that I take pride in is time management and the discipline to work in teams and individually to meet deadlines with maximum output and success.”

Mohammed, Liberia

Master in International Relations

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Mohammed Foboi

About me

I’m from Monrovia in Liberia, where I spent most of my life moving between different towns and cities. I also lived in the Netherlands and now I’m here in Madrid. I’ve travelled to a number of countries—17 in Africa, as well as to Europe and the Americas—to work in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, youth development and international affairs initiatives. In addition to these topics, I’m passionate about social impact and improving leadership at the local, national and global level to advance public service delivery. I want to see a peaceful, inclusive and productive society where every life is cherished, dignified and safe.

Mohammed Foboi, Liberia


Master’s student

Making the world a better place through social impact and international relations

As a global citizen who has spent half of his life closely following international affairs, Mohammed wants to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. After completing the Master in International Relations, he hopes to strengthen relations among states for a better future.

Mohammed Foboi - Student Story | IE GPA

Mohammed’s long-term goals informed his decision to pursue the Master in International Relations at IE University. He was eager to understand how states interact, the various objectives of the parties involved and how the global ecosystem operates. In Mohammed’s eyes, this program was the only way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. He is proud to say that with this skill set, he now feels empowered to work in any region of the world in international and public affairs, social impact, business or another related field.

Mohammed started his academic career in Liberia, and went on to earn his undergraduate degree in mass communication and sociology at the University of Liberia in 2018. He completed a number of courses throughout his studies on Coursera, EdeX, ALISON and other MOOC platforms. As a result, he has acquired over 20 certificates and diplomas in communication science, public policy, intercultural communication, leadership, communication in the 21st-century workplace, project planning and management, gender mainstreaming, conflict resolution, and more. Mohammed is truly a lifelong learner and continues to enroll in online courses, even while completing his master’s at IE University.

Before joining the IE University community, Mohammed worked for UNOY Peacebuilders, a Hague-based global network of youth-led peacebuilding organizations—the largest in the world. He served as the regional coordinator for West and Central Africa, coordinating and supervising 29 organizations across 12 countries. While based in Monrovia, Mohammed frequently travelled within Africa as well as to Europe and the Americas. His role involved engaging regional, international and multilateral organizations—such as ECOWAS, African Union, the UN, and other NGOs—as well as national governments on the UN youth, peace and security agenda.

In addition, Mohammed worked as a local project consultant and technical assistant in the Office of the Mayor of Monrovia, co-leading a landfill and urban sanitation project for the cities of Monrovia, Paynesville, Brewerville and other smaller townships. At the same time, he developed policies and programs for youth development and empowerment, local government and decentralization. Throughout these experiences, Mohammed volunteered with a youth-led peacebuilding organization called LIFT Liberia, which he established in high school. In early 2020, Mohammed and his team opened the Center for Peacebuilding and Research in one of Monrovia’s largest slums, Clara Town. The center provides free library services, resolves conflicts among community dwellers and administers leadership training for young people.

Mohammed’s long-term goals informed his decision to pursue the Master in International Relations at IE University. He was eager to understand how states interact, the various objectives of the parties involved and how the global ecosystem operates.

Mohammed chose IE University for its rich diversity, intensity and hands-on learning. In the classroom, he says, students don’t just learn from their professors, but also from their peers and professionals from different backgrounds. When it comes to the university’s methodology, Mohammed believes that the https://www.ie.edu/liquid-learning/Liquid Learning model has improved his ability to adapt to uncertain environments. It has also enabled him to thrive in both online and offline settings. The university’s hybrid system incorporates everything you would expect in a normal classroom setting, which Mohammed believes is vital for his future career.

Through the Master in International Relations’ IE-OECD partnership, Mohammed acquired basic digital governance skills. He can now apply these skills to regulatory affairs, where he can strengthen public service delivery while reducing corruption and bureaucracy. The program has also empowered Mohammed to develop his time management skills. He now has the discipline to work both individually and across teams to successfully meet deadlines. Mohammed says that while most universities simply teach a curriculum, IE University’s world-class master’s program has offered additional training. Its unique global environment and practical approach has been challenging and enriching. Mohammed feels confident that he is prepared to overcome any obstacle in a complex, volatile world.

Toward the end of his master’s program, Mohammed completed the Capstone project, which provided him with extra professional experience. During that time, he worked with a European startup to conduct an impact assessment on sexual harassment in the workplace in Europe and around the world. Collaborating with Metta Space and his Capstone teammates—two fellow Master in International Relations students—was an amazing experience. He researched relevant laws and regulations on sexual harassment and decent work for all at a national, regional and global level. What’s more, he and his teammates conducted market research for a competitive analysis.

All in all, Mohammed is grateful for these experiences, which he believes will be essential for his future career. Not only did he learn a lot from his colleagues and other B2B companies in the US and the EU, but the project also allowed him to dig deeper into the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals—particularly Goals 5 and 8 on gender equality and decent work. He hopes that companies and institutions in both the public and private sectors can do more to make workplaces more engaging, comfortable and friendly for everyone. Additionally, he notes that organizations should develop reporting frameworks and platforms for people to report sexual harassment without fear of retaliation, which is currently not the case, particularly for women.

Looking forward, Mohammed would like to pursue a career in international affairs and social impact in either Africa, the US or Europe. He’s eager to work in government or with an international or multilateral organization. Through the Talent & Careers Department, the university has supported him in his career search by sending Mohammed job vacancies, building his resume and inviting recruiters to meet students on campus. What’s more, with the additional training Mohammed has received at IE University and its affiliates in security, counter-terrorism and hostile environments, he even feels well-suited to working in conflict zones—ultimately, to help make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place.