“I liked the Master in International Relations because of the diverse cohort, the knowledge I acquired thanks to the teachers, the simulation exercises and the opportunities at hand.”

Morgane, France

Master in International Relations

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Morgane Coquille

About me

I’m from Fort-de-France, the main city in Martinique, a French Caribbean island. I studied the Master in International Relations as a guide for my career goal of working in a multilateral organization such as the European Union or UN Women. In my future role, my aim is to empower women and make a lasting impact. At IE University, I’ve met many amazing people through my program and have taken on some incredible opportunities.

Morgane Coquille, France



In pursuit of a global career


Morgane Coquille - Student Story | IE School of Global and Affairs

Before coming to IE University, Morgane had completed a Bachelor in Management at ESCP Business School. As a result, she had the opportunity to study in France, Italy and Germany, truly cultivating a global perspective. Having recently graduated, Morgane has an impressive range of internships in mergers and acquisitions, sales, and international law to kick-start her career in international relations.

Originally from Martinique, Morgane chose to come to IE University for her Master in International Relations because of the program’s link to the OECD and the courses that the program offers. She also took advantage of the opportunity to study in Madrid, yet another city around the world to explore while studying.

The Master in International Relations has presented many opportunities to Morgane. One of which is being immersed in such a diverse environment with fellow students and a faculty comprising many different cultural, academic and professional backgrounds. She found the environment generated interesting discussions and unique perspectives on international relations, which have enriched her learning.

“I learned that if you want something, you shouldn’t stop yourself from asking, even if you believe you’re not qualified enough to do it.”


Morgane Coquille - Student Story | IE School of Global and Affairs

At IE University, Morgane learned to put herself forward for opportunities even if she thought she didn’t have the proper qualifications. For instance, she hosted an event for IE Women’s Week about women in leadership and women’s rights with Dean Susana Malcorra. Through this interview, Morgane gained important insights on the role of women in international relations.

Looking to the future, Morgane hopes to work at one of the European Union’s bodies, notably the commission or the European External Action Service (EEAS). She is also looking at careers in other multilateral organizations and doesn’t know for sure where she’ll be in five or ten years—part of the magic of a career in international relations. Morgane also says that the IE Talent & Careers team has been very helpful in sharing new opportunities and guiding her search.