“If you want to be prepared for the new, modern times, you should join IE University.”

Nicolás, Spain

Master in International Relations

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Nicolás Pérez

About me

I was born in Madrid, but I have spent part of my life in Málaga, a very nice city in the south of Spain. I’m a very curious, open-minded and extroverted person. I love culture and diplomacy as tools to connect people and achieve goals together.

Nicolás Pérez, Spain


Master’s student

Shared knowledge to build a better world

Nicolás may be from Spain, but he considers himself a global citizen—so it’s no wonder he’s found himself drawn to international relations. Social and open-minded, Nicolás is a lifelong learner. He enjoys both learning on his own through nature and reading, and learning from others, whether that looks like listening to friends or playing group sports.

Nicolás perceives his role in the world through a big-picture focus. He believes that places allow us to live, but it’s people on the move who give those places life. And the keys for helping people to connect and achieve goals together lie in culture and diplomacy.

Before embarking on his studies at IE University, Nicolás had earned his undergraduate degree in economics and business, as well as a master’s in the stock exchange and financial markets. He has also had a number of years of experience in publishing and business. When he discovered the Master in International Relations at IE University, it seemed like the perfect way to unite his academic and professional background with his personal passions.

Nicolás was drawn to IE University not only for the prestige, but also for the international background. Such rich global diversity made him certain that this was the best place to change course and take on a global mindset.

One of the things Nicolás enjoys most about the Master in International Relations is how it sheds light on the link between knowledge and people—everybody has something important to say and all opinions are taken into account. This, he feels, is the way we can build a better world together.

The Master in International Relations has shown Nicolás the different points of view that exist on the same issues that affect us all, and how we must go about understanding the world through different lenses. No one has the objectively correct view of something—we all have a certain bias based on our environment. We need to step back and compare our views with those of others to get a more complete perception of reality.

“You feel at home here, like a member of a close family of many different nationalities.”

Nicolás Pérez - Student Story | IE School of Global and Public Affairs

What most surprised Nicolás about IE University is the closeness between students and professors. You feel at home, he says. It’s like simultaneously being a part of a very big university and a member of a close family made up of many different nationalities.

To students considering the program, Nicolás says that if you want to be prepared for the new, modern times, you should join IE University. His experience has been a deep dive into a world of diverse nationalities, cultures, religions, and ways of thinking—but with a common purpose and a continuous effort to learn from everyone. He describes the Master in International Relations as a time of ongoing learning about what is happening in the real world, which is fundamental for being prepared for the future.

Nicolás hopes that the next five to ten years will find him working in the world of diplomacy, where he believes there are many problems to resolve for a more peaceful world. He is eager to launch a career dedicated to establishing connections between different international players in order to promote understanding and dispute resolution. Nicolás thinks that the world today is a better place than the one our grandparents knew, but that it can still improve so much more.