“The way IE University implements technology and innovation in a social sciences program is definitely a remarkable aspect of the experience.”

Valentina, Argentina

Master in International Development

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Valentina Vaggione

About me

I’m from Córdoba City, located in the heart of Argentina. As someone who enjoys discovering new things, my curiosity and energy always had me exploring the mountains and rivers that surround my hometown, which is how I discovered my love for nature and traveling. Throughout my travels I’ve become passionate about enriching myself personally and professionally in a multicultural environment. That’s what led me to IE University.

Valentina Vaggione, Argentina


Master’s student

Leading a life where passions and studies collide

Valentina discovered her passion for diplomacy when she first participated in model UN in high school. The experience opened her eyes to her first career aspiration, and she decided she wanted to work for the UN in diplomatic services. But, as she gained experience in other areas, she began to realize that being a diplomat wasn’t the only way for her to be part of a high-impact organization.

Her journey started out with an international relations program in Argentina, where she also spent time volunteering at various NGOs and captaining her city’s field hockey team. These experiences further solidified her passion to lead and empower. Right before completing her bachelor’s degree, Valentina began looking for job opportunities that focused on people and multicultural settings. She spent a few years working with students who were coming to Argentina to study abroad. During her time there, she developed international projects and worked with local stakeholders and partnering universities with the aim of enhancing the internationalization of Latin American education.

Leveraging this experience, Valentina later collaborated with the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA) on an educational project. It was during this time that she decided she wanted to contribute to human development at a global level. She joined the Córdoba chapter of the World Economic Forum initiative and found herself immediately contributing to building bridges between academia, enterprises and the public sector. Surrounded by driven and ambitious entrepreneurs, Valentina was ready to take the next step toward her future.

In search of a degree that placed social impact at the core of the curriculum, and that allowed her to continue contributing to projects within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Valentina immediately knew that the Master in International Development was the perfect fit. The opportunity to study in Europe and participate in a program designed in partnership with UN agencies reignited her original passions—only this time, she had more opportunities on the horizon.

“I strongly believe that having the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the core of the program curriculum is the most valuable knowledge I’ll get from my master’s degree.”

The Master in International Development has been enriching for Valentina in many different ways. She highlights the experienced faculty and their diverse backgrounds, noting that their expertise in sectors from business and international organizations to the public sector provides a more profound learning experience. Plus, the professors’ experiences give Valentina and her colleagues first-hand insights into strategies, technology and innovation—all necessary topics for the future of development. Valentina believes that the university’s ability to foster innovative thinking when it comes to social challenges serves as a daily reminder of what her future could bring.

Aside from the incredible faculty, Valentina has felt most impacted by her classmates. For her, the driving force behind each classroom experience is the unique blend of ambitious students with different backgrounds and cultural experiences, united by one common goal. Sharing ambitions pushes each and every one of them to work harder towards their collective aspirations.

Looking toward the future, Valentina believes that having the UN’s 2030 Agenda at the core of the Master in International Development’s curriculum is incredibly valuable. In today’s ever-changing world, she’s already noticed that having experience in sustainability is becoming a requirement in the world of work. Keeping that in mind, Valentina would like to continue driving change in the field of social entrepreneurship by helping new ventures implement sustainable projects. She is currently working on a capstone project with the Ashoka Foundation, an international NGO she has always admired.

Valentina feels that studying at IE University has given her a multitude of incredible opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. She’s loved the time she’s spent in Spain and, when she’s not studying, takes every chance she gets to travel and explore with her friends and family. Good luck, Valentina—we believe you’ll go on to do great things!