“IE University attaches great importance to and cherishes cultural diversity. Professors guide us through topics with an open mind, a tolerant vision and a developmental attitude when facing controversial issues.”

Xin, China

Master in International Relations

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Xin Chen

About me

I was born in Zhengzhou in the Henan Province of China. Right in the heart of China, Zhengzhou is full of history and culture. From a young age, I have wanted to share traditional Chinese culture and heritage, and this took me from computer science and the Internet of Things to the Master in International Relations at IE University.

Xin Chen, China


Master's student

From game design to the world stage

Before Xin Chen decided to study international relations, his passions lay in computer science and game design. However, with a new aspiration to make an impact on a global level, the Master in International Relations at IE University was the perfect opportunity for Xin to dive into his newfound passion and embark on an exciting new career path.

Xin Chen - Student Story | IE GPAXin’s journey to the Master in International Relations had an unusual beginning. Before starting his studies, Xin came across a role-playing game (RPG) based on Chinese fairy tales and was in awe of the game’s graphics, themes and gameplay. What particularly interested Xin was the detailed cultural heritage that the game encompassed. Following this encounter, Xin knew he wanted to become a game designer, so he too could create games that incorporated traditional Chinese culture into their stories.

Determined to work at a gaming company upon graduation, Xin enrolled at the School of Computer Science and Technology at Northeast Petroleum University where he majored in IoT engineering. He excelled throughout his undergraduate studies—so much so that he was able to subsequently study a Master in Software Engineering at Zhejiang University in South China without taking entrance exams.

After finishing his studies, Xin interned at two organizations. In May 2018 he joined the Huawei Hangzhou Research Institute for three months. During this internship, he researched new technology in computer science and explored whether these advanced technologies could be transplanted to the department’s primary business.

Following this, Xin made the move to Cairo, Egypt to start an eleven-month internship at the Near East and North Africa Regional Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Whilst here, Xin assisted the Communication Unit in updating the organization’s information and organizing the maintenance of the official website. It was this overseas internship that led Xin to decide to forge a new career path. After his work at FAO, Xin found he liked the challenge of sharing his views in a cross-cultural and multicultural work environment while listening to the opinions of groups of different cultural backgrounds.

The master’s at IE University was the perfect stepping stone for Xin Chen into the world of international relations.

Xin Chen - Student Story | IE GPAXin joined the program through the CSC-IE Scholarship in Global Governance and Sustainable Development and hasn’t looked back since. He wholeheartedly recommends this scholarship to other ambitious students from China and hopes that those who benefit from the scholarship in the future will use the program to express their voices in both class and day-to-day life.

Xin was initially surprised by the program’s rich and culturally diverse learning environment. Thanks to this, he now has a far deeper understanding of international relations. Through communicating with different groups from a variety of cultural backgrounds, he is now able to face problems, meet challenges and resolve disputes with an open, tolerant and developmental attitude. Xin believes that this rich diversity provides students with the opportunity to experience lively exchanges between different cultures, races and religions.

Xin particularly praises the excellent curriculum, highlighting how up to date it is with current trends. Not only does the program cover traditional topics such as the history of international relations, comparative politics and economic development, but it also covers current topics such as corporate social responsibility and climate policy.

In addition, Xin explains that professors have rich practical and teaching experience which he explains is a precious asset for international relations students. Professors frequently use current events as the starting point for analysis of international relations issues. With students coming from so many different backgrounds, individuals often have conflicting views when facing the same problem. Professors guide students to abandon their prejudice and ignorance, and embrace commonalities and consensus.

In this particularly challenging year, Xin says that IE University’s flexible hybrid learning methodology has thrived, enabling students impacted by the pandemic to continue engaging in daily discussions by connecting online.

Xin Chen - Student Story | IE GPAAt the same time, he adds that there are a number of measures in place on campus to ensure the health and safety of professors and students, making everyone feel safe, secure and happy.

Upon finishing the program, Xin Chen hopes to work with the UN or another international organization. His ultimate goal, however, is to join the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This dream comes back to the source of Xin’s journey into the field of international relations and his passion for giving Chinese culture a voice on the world stage. In the future, Xin hopes he will have the chance to represent China by applying Chinese wisdom to the international stage, expressing Chinese views and promoting Chinese culture.