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PublicTech Lab


What is it?

The PublicTech Lab is a place for collaboration, experimentation and design of new solutions to the great challenges faced by the public sector.


Who is it for?

It is aimed at public innovators, corporations and startups committed to improving the lives of citizens through the use of innovation and technology.


What is its impact?

The PublicTech Lab contributes to the collaboration and understanding between public and private agents in the creation of technological solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive society.


The lab will work to advance the state of the art of:

  • Innovative procurement processes and initiatives aimed at overcoming bureaucratic limitations when working with entrepreneurs.
  • Innovative regulations that allow sandboxes and experimental policies for new technologies and entrepreneurial products.
  • Open innovation initiatives and methodologies applied to the public sector.

The lab will create a space where:

  • Public institutions learn about and identify innovative solutions to improve their service delivery.
  • Entrepreneurs incubate start-ups that seek solutions to the most pressing public problems.
  • Scale-up startups meet public clients and investors, and learn how to navigate procurement processes, collaborate with governments and work in highly regulated markets.


The education program is designed for all those trying to promote the use of technology and new service design approaches within their public institutions. They will learn about digital transformation, about procurement processes and regulations able to attract innovation, and about open innovation methodologies to identify and integrate that innovation.


PublicTech Acceleration Program aims at nurturing the market of early stage startups selling or collaborating with governments, and working in highly regulated industries. This is a one year cycle program, where entrepreneurs will have the chance to redefine their model, learn how to navigate procurement processes and regulation, and experiment in real contexts.


The program aims at fostering business opportunities for startups while promoting the use of innovative digital solutions for operational or service delivery challenges faced by governments. The PublicTech team will work together with governments and corporations providing services to governments to find the best innovative solution for public policies and programs.


Profile Manuel Muñiz

Founder and Dean of the IE School of Global and Public Affairs

Profile Idoia Ortiz de Artiñano

Founder and Managing Director

Profile Anjali Sastry

Senior Advisor

Profile Nacho Mateo


Profile Isabel Macias

Associate Director of Communications

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