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Our faculty is made up of world-leading practitioners, experts, and professors from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with professors and professionals inside the classroom as well as through attending conferences, roundtables and guest talks. Each of our faculty members contributes their own unique set of skills and knowledge within the field of international relations, economics, social entrepreneurship and regional studies.


Our faculty comprises leading practitioners, experts and professors from all over the world. Their expertise in the world of Political Science and International Relations further solidifies our commitment to providing a focused and forward-thinking education. Our faculty members have published impactful research in their field and each one brings a unique set of skills that complement one another, guiding students both in the classroom and during extracurricular events.

Shaping an ever-changing world

Shaping an ever-changing world Our world is more global each day, and political science and international relations have never been more important.
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Our faculty of leading academics and accomplished professionals with international experience have close ties to the professional world. Their wide-ranging expertise in political science and international relations is invaluable. Whether they’re researchers, entrepreneurs, executives or industry experts, they’re all accessible to students and committed to guiding them towards their goals.

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Our faculty of authors and research experts published in top journals are at the forefront of developments in political science and international relations. They’re creating research that will drive future change and have a lasting impact around the world.

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Across IE School of Global & Public Affairs, our faculty comes together for our research seminars in connection with organizations in the world of international relations and public affairs. Currently, our research faculty is carrying out projects that offer cutting-edge findings and solutions to be shared with our IE Community during these seminars throughout the year.

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