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Christo Atanasov Kostov


Christo Atanasov Kostov


Adjunct Professor


Bachelor in International Relations


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Chris Kostov is Adjunct Professor in the School of International Relations at IE University. He earned his PhD in History and Canadian Studies from the University of Ottawa, Canada, where he focused on modern European history and nation-building, Native studies and Canadian migration trends. His dissertation “Contested Ethnic Identity: The Case of Macedonian Canadians in Toronto (1940-1996)” dealt with inter-ethnic relations and conflicts.
Prior to coming to Spain, Dr. Kostov taught history at the University of Ottawa. He was also an invited lecturer at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and a historical researcher in the federal government of Canada, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

He is the author of three books: The Communist Century: From Revolution to Decay, 1917-2000. Explaining History, 2014. [e-book], Contested Ethnic Identity: The Case of Macedonian Canadians in Toronto, 1900-1996 (Peter Lang, 2010) and Terror and Fear: British and American Perceptions of the French-Indian Alliances during the Seven Years’ War (Publish America, 2005), as well as academic and encyclopedia articles and book reviews.

Currently, his main research interest is the Cold War and the impact of the communist secret services on the daily lives of common people in Eastern Europe.