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Giuseppe Ballacci


Giuseppe Ballacci


Adjunct Professor


Bachelor in International Relations


Adjunct Faculty



Giuseppe Ballacci holds a PhD in Political Theory from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010) and has been a FCT Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho in Portugal from 2011 to 2017. He has also been visiting scholar in the following institutions: Humboldt University of Berlin (in 2016), KU Leuven (in 2015-16), Université Libre de Bruxelles (in 2015-16), University of Chicago (in 2013), Uppsala University (in 2008), New School for Social Research (in 2006-2007), and King’s College of London (in 2005). His areas of interest are Contemporary Political Theory, History of Political Thought, and Rhetoric. In his doctoral dissertation he has analyzed the multifaceted significance of ancient rhetoric for contemporary political theory. Currently, he is developing his research focusing on related issues such as rhetoric and deliberation in politics, political judgment, political representation, and populism. Among his recent publications: Political Theory between Philosophy and Rhetoric: Politics as Transcendence and Contingency (Palgrave MacMillan 2018); “Richard Rorty’s Unfulfilled Humanism and the Public/Private Divide, Review of Politics (2017); Reassessing the Rhetoric Revival in Political Theory: Cicero, Eloquence, and the Best Form of Life, Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory (2015); Actualizing Democratic Citizenship: Hannah Arendt and Classical Rhetoric on Judgment and Persuasion, in P. Kitromilides (ed.),Athenian Legacies. European Debates on Citizenship, Leo S. Olschki, Florence, 2014.

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