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Irene Menéndez González


Irene Menéndez González


Assistant Professor of International Political Economy


Political Science


Research Faculty

Irene Menéndez González joined the School of Global and Public Affairs as an Assistant Professor in International Political Economy in January 2020. She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford (Nuffield College) in 2015, and held previous positions at the University of Zurich, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse and the University of Mannheim. Her research interests include international and comparative political economy, the political consequences of globalization, the political economy of labor markets and redistribution and the effects of electoral institutions on political representation.

Latest Publications

• Becher, M., Menéndez, I. (2019). “Electoral Reform and Trade-Offs in Representation”. American Political Science Review, Vol. 113(3): 694-709

• Menéndez, I., Picot, G. (2017). “Political parties and non-standard employment: an analysis of France, Germany, Italy and Spain” Socio-Economic Review  Vol. 17 (4): 899-919.

• Menéndez, I. (2016). “Globalization and welfare spending: how economic geography and electoral institutions condition compensation” International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 60(4): 665-676.