Journal Articles

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic incentives for reform: An informational mechanism of E(M)U conditionality

Springer - The Review of International Organisations | July 2020

Journal Articles

Keeping the euro at any cost? Explaining attitudes toward the euro-austerity trade-off in Greece

Sage Journal - European Union Politics | June 2020


How does COVID-19 affect low-income countries?

Esglobal | June 2020


Cultivating critical thinking is more important than ever

Ethic | May 2020


COVID-19: Cultivating critical thinking is more important than ever

The Conversation | May 2020

Book Chapters

Is informal work eroding compliance?

In (ed.) Mansfield, Edward and Nita Rudra, Political Economy of Informality in BRIC countries | March 2020

Journal Articles

Conflicting Frames about Ownership and Land Use Drive Wildfire Ignitions in a Protected Conservation Area

Springer Link - Environmental Management | February 2020

Journal Articles

The effects of corrective information about disease epidemics and outbreaks: Evidence from Zika and yellow fever in Brazil

Science Advances, Vol 6(5) | January 2020