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Is informal work eroding compliance?

Date: 01/03/2020

Author(s): Sarah Berens, Irene Menéndez González

Publication: World Scientific

Political Economy of Informality in BRIC Countries brings together highly original analysis and debates on the politics of informality, paying special attention to the context of BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The questions and puzzles addressed in this book are nevertheless relevant for any developing country in the world. Hence the volume can be either read from a BRIC perspective or as a collection of political economy topics on the politics of informality in global South.

This volume represents a unique collection of organized chapters dealing with a variety of approaches to the study of diverse manifestations of informality. The first section of the volume is dedicated to tax revenue, globalization, and informality in BRIC countries. Section two of the volume is dedicated to the problem of informal settlements, public goods, and basic service provision. Section three of the volume analyzes different aspects of labor informality, and its relationship with political mobilization and policy preferences. The volume serves as an essential reference for scholars of political economy in developing countries, policy makers, international organizations, and anyone who is interested in the field.