Capstone Projects Students at IE School of Global & Public Affairs can opt to complete a Capstone Project, allowing them to put everything they’ve learned into practice before completing their degree.

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Capstone Projects


As each student nears graduation, they’re required to take on a final project before finishing their degree. We offer them a choice between writing a Master’s Thesis and completing a Capstone Project.

The Capstone Project is a unique opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned at IE in a real-world context. For this project, they work in groups of two or three under the supervision of a professional mentor, and collaborate with a private, public or nonprofit organization to devise creative and innovative solutions to specific challenges.


Many of our former students have used the Capstone Project to make a real and lasting impact in communities and companies around the world. Want to know how? Read their stories below!

Alma Activa Business Incubator

As we were assigned our Capstone Project with Alma Nativa, we began by brainstorming ideas that would be well aligned with the project requirements, the mission and vision of Alma Nativa and, most importantly, the needs of the local community in Nicaragua.

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Our main goal was to provide assistance within Kreab’s GovUp platform. GovUp is a policy lab platform for public and regulatory innovation. It focuses on designing methodologies for more efficient governance to better stimulate innovation in the public sector, especially by building relationships between the public and private sectors.

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4itwillbe People Protection App

The greatest social challenges have yet to be resolved. Every day, many organizations and social enterprises around the world strive to tackle issues that affect the most vulnerable populations, and transform them into global opportunities.

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