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Dual Degrees

The advantages of a Dual Degree

The undergraduate Dual Degrees at IE University offer students the chance to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees by adding an additional year to their academic studies. These prestigious and unique programs are a great option for students who want to focus their careers in two distinct but interrelated fields of study.

Our master’s Dual Degrees allow students to earn two graduate degrees in less than two years by combining the Master in International Relations with the International MBA, the Master in Management or the Master in International Business Law (LLM).

By combining two diverse areas of knowledge, our Dual Degree students learn to consider complex global issues from multiple perspectives, mirroring the way professionals and leaders work. A Dual Degree also lends graduates a professional advantage, by showing future employers their commitment, ambition and drive. What’s more, candidates will complete their degrees with a larger network of contacts from two different fields.

Boundaries between disciplines do not exist when you are approaching the multifaceted global issues in our rapidly changing world. By graduating with a Dual Degree, you will be best placed to tackle the problems affecting our world and launch your future career.


Dual Degrees at IE University are suitable for highly motivated students who have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill set in two interrelated subject areas. These students will be excited to develop the leadership and management skills that will enable them to go even further with their specialized knowledge.

Dual Degrees at IE University combine top postgraduate programs across several disciplines to prepare future leaders to bring about much needed change from a big-picture perspective.

By combining essential general management and leadership skills with a deep understanding of two specific disciplines, students proactively position themselves to acquire the broader skill set they will need to solve some of the most complex issues facing our world today. These challenges meet at the intersection of business, law, politics and finance, and require leaders who can operate effectively and fluidly across several areas.

In short, a Dual Degree from IE University offers graduates a competitive advantage in the industry and position they choose.

Why do a Dual Degree?

As you complete a Dual Degree, you develop the ability to critically analyse, experiment with innovative solutions, and understand issues from multiple perspectives. These skills will have an unparalleled impact on your ability to excel in your future profession. Some advantages of pursuing a Dual Degree include:


When you pursue a Dual Degree program, you will develop multiple strategies for critically approaching complex issues from diverse perspectives. These programs encourage you to examine complex issues holistically and equip you with the versatile training and problem-solving capacities needed to tackle them.


Our Dual Degrees are designed to equip students with the essential management skills needed to jump-start their career in the area they're most passionate about. Students will be well positioned for postgraduate life, having acquired a range of leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of their disciplines. Upon completion, you will be in the best position to launch your career and play an important role at the intersection of knowledge and practice.


IE University has established long-standing relationships with some of the world's leading companies, academics and professionals. When you pursue a Dual Degree, you'll have access to this elite network. What's more, completing two degrees in tandem will broaden your professional network and connections even further, enabling you to develop professional contacts in two different fields. This is a signi­ficant advantage for your professional career in today's world, where professions and markets are increasingly interrelated.


IE University offers ambitious undergraduate students the opportunity to combine the Bachelor in International Relations with another academic program. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to focus their careers in two different but interrelated disciplines within the field of international relations. Students will develop a multidisciplinary profile and the ability to look at problems from a range of perspectives, which will significantly set them apart in their future job search.


This combination is ideal for those students looking for a challenging, globally focused education that combines a foundation in business skills with in-depth knowledge of contemporary world affairs.

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This program trains internationally minded professionals to combine a solid foundation in legal principles with extensive knowledge of contemporary global affairs and politics.

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IE University offers the very best students at the postgraduate level the opportunity to dive deeper into two interrelated and complementary fields of study. This is a challenging but highly rewarding program, combining the rigor of a master's degree with the breadth of a Dual Degree. Students are able to customize their education and career path right from day one, gaining the ability to critically analyse, problem-solve and frame global issues from multiple perspectives.

Dual Degree International MBA + Master in International Relations

The International MBA and Master in International Relations Dual Degree is a 19-month program that combines the expertise of the IE Business School and IE School of Global and Public Affairs. Program participants build a solid foundation in the most important aspects of business administration and management, while simultaneously acquiring a thorough understanding of international affairs, strategic diplomacy and comparative regional studies. This program is designed for those graduates who strive to become successful leaders in international relations professions.

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Dual Degree International MBA + Master in International Development

The Dual Degree pairs IE Business School’s flagship International MBA with the innovative Master in International Development, designed by IE School of Global & Public Affairs in close collaboration with the United Nations System Staff College. Students will explore every facet of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and its five critical dimensions—people, prosperity, planet, peace, and partnership—to understand the UN’s comprehensive roadmap to a more sustainable future. What’s more, they’ll get to grips with the latest strategy, project management, and leadership techniques to tap into their entrepreneurial mindset and sharpen their management acumen, ensuring they’re ready to lead teams forward on a global scale.

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Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in International Relations

The Dual Degree Master in Management and Master in International Relations is an 18-month, full-time program taught by IE Business School and IE School of Global and Public Affairs. This is a transformative program that equips students with a global mindset and a deep understanding of worldwide political and economic trends. With strong foundations in global affairs, international business and marketing, graduates of this program will be able to use their entrepreneurial spirit to promote real change at an international level.

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Dual Degree Master in International Relations + Master in International Business Law (LLM)

This cutting-edge Dual Degree is designed for ambitious young lawyers who are ready to launch a successful career in the legal and corporate world. Students are trained to become conscientious experts in the field of commercial law, capable of handling multijurisdictional transactions with ease while managing their company's global teams with a forward-thinking and sustainable approach. By acquiring a comprehensive toolkit, students will transform into empowered leaders ready to make a significant impact on the international legal and corporate sector.

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The Dual Degree Master in Management and Master in International Development trains holistic professionals prepared to impact change in this context. The highly customizable program begins with the Master in Management, where students explore the foundations of accounting, finance, operations and marketing, while also gaining access to practical, lab-based project development and other immersion experiences. With IE Business School’s expertise, networking opportunities and resources at their fingertips, students are challenged to grow as entrepreneurially minded professionals.

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