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Dual Degrees

What advantages do dual degrees offer?

The dual Bachelor’s degrees at IE University offer students the chance to graduate with two bachelor degrees by adding one additional year to their academic studies. These prestigious and unique programs are a great option for students who want to focus their careers in two distinct but interrelated fields of study.

Our dual Master’s programs allow students to earn two graduate degrees in less than two years by combining the Master in International Relations with the International MBA, the Master in Management or the Master in International Business Law (LLM).

By combining two diverse areas of knowledge, our dual degree students learn to consider complex global issues from multiple perspectives, mirroring the way professionals and leaders work. A dual degree also lends graduates a professional advantage; employers value candidates who possess a diversified skill set, and candidates will complete their degrees with a larger network of contacts in two different fields. Boundaries between disciplines don’t exist when you’re approaching the multi-faceted global issues in our rapidly changing world, so the best prepared graduates for important roles are those with a multidisciplinary profile.


Dual degrees at IE are suitable for highly motivated students who have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill set in a specific area. Dual degree students should be excited to develop the leadership and management skills that will enable them to do more with their specialized knowledge.

With top postgraduate programs across several disciplines, dual degrees at IE go beyond to prepare leaders who can bring about needed change from a big-picture perspective to become the most effective contributors in their chosen profession.

By combining essential general management skills with depth in two specific fields, students proactively position themselves to acquire the broader skill set they’ll need to solve some of the most complex issues professionals in the 21st-century workplace are facing. These challenges are currently occurring at the intersection of business, law, politics and finance, and require leaders who can operate effectively in several areas. In short, a dual degree from IE offers graduates a competitive advantage in the industry and position they choose.

Why do a Dual Degree?

As you complete a dual degree, you develop the ability to think, problem-solve, and understand issues from multiple perspectives. This skill will have a measurable impact on your ability to excel in your future profession. Some advantages of doing a dual degree include:


By completing a dual degree program, you will develop multiple strategies for critically approaching complex issues from diverse perspectives. These degree programs, which encourage you to examine complex issues holistically, provide you with unique problem-solving capacities and versatile training that will position you to play an important role at the intersection between different areas of knowledge and practice.


With a dual degree, you gain the management knowledge you need to jump-start your career in the position you're passionate about. You'll be well positioned for postgraduate life, having acquiring a range of managerial skills and discipline-specific knowledge, which also supposes increased salary potential.


Pursuing two degrees will help you broaden your professional network and connections, enabling you to develop professional contacts in two different fields. This is a signi­ficant advantage for your professional career in today's world, where professions in different fields grow increasingly interrelated.


The dual degree options in international relations at IE University offer you the possibility to earn two bachelor degrees by adding one additional year to your academic studies. These prestigious and unique programs are a great option for students who want to focus their careers in two different but interrelated disciplines in their field of international relations. You'll develop a multidisciplinary profile that allows you to play important roles in solving complex global issues.


Ideal for multidisciplinary students looking for a challenging, globally focused education that combines a foundation in business skills with in-depth knowledge of contemporary world affairs.

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This program trains internationally minded professionals to combine a solid foundation in legal principles with extensive knowledge of contemporary global affairs and politics.

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IE offers students the chance to customize their education based on specific interests and career aspirations through a dual degree program. These students will gain the ability to think, problem-solve and frame international relations issues from multiple perspectives. This advantage will have a significant impact on their ability to make a contribution in their chosen profession, given the competitive advantage that stems from the opportunity to pursue their passion in two distinct aspects of international relations.

Dual Degree International MBA + Master in International Relations

The International MBA + Master in International Relations dual degree is a 19-month program that combines the expertise of the top-ranked IE Business School and IE School of Global and Public Affairs. Program participants gain both cross-cultural experience and multidisciplinary skills from a wide set of fields such as languages, economics and politics. This structure ensures that graduates are well equipped to be successful leaders in international relations professions.

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Dual Degree Master in Management & Master in International Relations

The dual Master of Management + Master of International Relations is an 18-month, full-time program taught by IE Business School and IE School of Global and Public Affairs, an APSIA affiliate member. Students receive a solid foundation in management through core business modules such as economics and marketing, while humanities and language courses provide students with a global mindset and the skills they need to have an impact at an international level.

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Dual Degree Master in International Relations & Master in International Business Law (LLM)

By completing the Master in International Relations + LLM in International Business Law dual degree, you will position yourself to become an outstanding global professional. At IE, we train our students not only to become experts in the field of business law, but also conscientious, internationally oriented leaders with the necessary skills to manage global operations and challenges with a more sustainable business approach.

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