Microsoft Learn: A journey of empowerment

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Microsoft Learn


  • We are immensely proud to take part in a unique collaboration with world-renowned tech multinational Microsoft. As one of the first institutions in Spain included in this pioneering program, we are further enriching our dynamic ecosystem by providing practical and flexible tools to impact the jobs of tomorrow.

Discover Microsoft Learn

At its core, Microsoft Learn is a source of tech empowerment. The initiative has been carefully designed to set tech-forward institutions apart by providing sensational Microsoft tech- and data-learning facilities. It achieves this on three fronts: upskilling students, activating educators and enabling institutions.

For students to be empowered, institutions must be empowered too. Microsoft Learn provides resources and training that enhances the classroom experience, while also allowing access to a high-quality curriculum for maximum impact.

Empower your future

There are many reasons we are excited to be a part of this new collaboration. Above all, we’re excited about what it means for you.

Microsoft Learn will allow you to develop and improve your skills in Azure and Power Platform. This training will help you to get Microsoft certifications in these technologies. Any one of these certifications represent a key differentiator when entering the job market.

With them, you will develop industry-recognized, future-ready skills to help you take charge in the jobs of tomorrow. Best of all, the initiative’s inherently flexible nature easily fits into IE University’s Liquid Learning methodology, meaning you can gain access to career-defining tech education no matter where you are.


“Today’s students are the innovators of tomorrow.”

Dan Ayoub, GM of Education for Microsoft