Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics

Analyze and understand societies and organizations
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The Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Data and Business Analytics

passionate about complex social realities, with a strong analytical capacity and a critical thinking mindset eager to learn more about the dynamics of how social systems work.


a program that will prepare them to harness the power of data to understand, disrupt, and change complex social matters.

  • A smart cities policy creator;
  • A behavioral economics consultant;
  • A smart government advisor;
  • A political campaign designer;
  • A global crisis expert.
This program prepares professionals to understand complex social environments and make data-driven decisions to positively impact societies, organizations, and companies. In this degree, you will gain strong analytical skills by experimenting with the latest data technologies and tools applied to the philosophical, political, legal, and economic fields. Aimed at insightful individuals who possess sharp critical thinking abilities, this dual degree will prepare you to become a leader capable of making a real impact on today’s most pressing social issues.

**Students who complete a Dual Degree at IE University receive two undergraduate diplomas upon graduation. Both programs are fully compliant with the Bologna Process and are accredited by the Spanish Government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Undergraduate Degrees


5 years




Segovia and Madrid

Mode of study






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You will study the Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Business and Data Analytics in Segovia and Madrid. You will spend the first two years at the campus in Segovia, before moving to Madrid for year three, four and five.

Location - 2 years in Segovia + 3 years in Madrid | IE University

Fact Sheet


Dual Program in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics and Data and Business Analytics

Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics and Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics


5 years



Centres of study and Number of places

Centro de Estudios Superiores IE (Madrid)

Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics – 60 places

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics – 60 places

Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Sociales y de Comunicación (Segovia)

Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics – 60 places

Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics – 60 places


Total number of credits: 480 (240 + 240) ECTS*

Distribution of credits and subjects**:

Core subjects – 120 ECTS

Mandatory subjects – 258 ECTS

Elective subjects – 78 ECTS

Final Project – 24 ECTS

Area of knowledge


Economic Sciences, Business Administration, Marketing, Trade, Accounting and Tourism

Teaching methodology


Spanish ministry’s registry of universities, centres and degrees


Assurance agency

ACSUCYL*** – Buscador Títulos Oficiales


*European Credit Transfer System

**The character of the subjects is defined by the Spanish legislation

***Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

Breaking Stereotypes by IE University Students (The Techies)



Rafif Srour, Academic Director of Data and Business Analytics at IE University, explains in-depth the Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics & Data and Business Analytics.


Understand our complex society

In this program, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to understand and deeply analyze societies and organizations from a multidisciplinary perspective that merges the political, economic, and legal dimensions. Our unique hands-on model of education will prepare you to face real-life social challenges and to bring positive change to the most pressing social issues.

Learn by doing

Our education model is based on a practical approach where theory and practice are combined to recreate real-life scenarios. In this dual degree, you will learn to solve real cases through the application of data technologies that you will later face in the professional world. This hands-on methodology provides you the training you need to become a successful professional capable of facing diverse complex scenarios.

Drive innovation and technology

We believe that innovation and technology play a fundamental role in redefining today’s world. We employ modern tech tools to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow. This program will help you build a sophisticated profile capable of using data analytics to explore the social dynamics that underpin the society that surrounds you.

Make a positive impact

The multidisciplinary profile that you will develop in this program will allow you to make a positive impact on societies, organizations, and companies. By learning how to analyze the dynamics that define our social environment through the application of data science, you will become an agent of change capable of having a meaningful impact on our globalized world.

Interaction PPLE+Data

Following an innovative career in PPLE and Data Analysis means you will be able to understand and interpret data to bring effective solutions to complex social problems. Data is there to be studied and analyzed. It helps us to detect patterns and forecast upcoming events. The most in-demand occupations and career areas we see today did not exist ten or five years ago, and the pace of change is only set to accelerate exponentially.


IE University has created this disruptive Dual Degree to transform its students into thinkers and leaders who are well-equipped to tackle whatever challenges they may be faced with in the future, such as:

How can we use data to ensure fairer policies?

Can we use data analysis to reduce crime?

Can we use analytics to improve ambulance routes?

How can we use data to reduce the impact of natural disasters?

How can data help us predict which offenders are at most risk of recidivism?


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