A school for the jobs of the future HST was built in response to the world’s need for future-forward multidisciplinary professionals who can draw on the latest in human sciences and digital technologies, to innovate and shape the future.

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Grounded in the science of human behavior, powered by communication, and enabled by data and technology, graduates of the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology are trained to excel at jobs that require disruptive thinking and innovation. Unlike traditional schools, HST offers programs that constantly evolve to keep pace with the dynamics of the modern workplace.


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From our students to our faculty, the HST community is made up of bright minds from around the world who not only embrace change—they drive it.

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60,000 alumni around the world

Building a future-proof career

Our goal is for every student to graduate with the certainty that they're equipped to have a significant impact in the new world of work.

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Our finger on the pulse of the real world

HST works closely with top companies in designing our programs, developing student innovation projects and helping our students secure permanent jobs as well as exploratory internships.

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