EDUCATION FOR THE NEW WORLD OF WORK HST offers an education like no other — career-focused, multidisciplinary, big picture, and refreshingly practical.


Hands-on teaching methodology

HST was born in response to the specific demands in the exciting new world of work.

To prepare our graduates to become the changemakers of tomorrow, we design our classes to allow students to apply what they learn, as they learn it. So come graduation day, they’ll be more than prepared to put ideas to paper, tackle complex situations, and effectively manage teams. This practical and innovative strategy is achieved through case studies, multimedia simulations, class debates, and team consulting projects with real clients across various sectors.



The world of work changes at lightning speed, as do the knowledge and skills that employers require. HST works directly with companies to ensure that our programs are always at the cutting edge, and that our graduates are prepared not only for the present, but also the future.


Our world-class faculty is comprised of both full-time academic professors and faculty-practitioners who work in senior positions across myriad functions and industries. They are cutting-edge academics and professionals able to give you both solid foundations as well as the latest knowledge and skills.

Active Learning


    In every HST program, students work together on real-world projects to give them hands-on experience in their chosen career path. These can be Consulting Projects, in which a client provides a challenge and you work in teams to address it and present your results to a panel of expert judges. As an HST student, you will also participate in fun competitions (Datathons, Hackathons, Innovation Labs, Humanities Prizes…) working to solve difficult real-world problems under time pressure—a mirror of the modern workplace.


    Our classrooms are idea incubators. We encourage our students to engage in debate and exchange perspectives every day. With our extremely diverse student profiles, you’re guaranteed to finish the program with an open and global mindset, and you’ll learn to work in teams with people from all walks of life. Career success is not just about individual performance, it’s increasingly about being highly effective in collaborating and communicating with coworkers. In HST programs, we ensure you have ample opportunities to develop your interpersonal and behavioral workplace skills.


    Our programs are practical and career-focused, which means that concepts and theory are always linked to the real-world situations and decisions you’ll face in your career. You’ll learn to put ideas into practice and develop your professional judgment by engaging in business-oriented case studies: what would you have done in a similar situation? Why? How?


    As a student at HST, you’ll participate in cutting-edge multimedia simulations to apply your knowledge as you go. For example, you may be presented with a corporate social media scandal, and you’ll have to handle the crisis management while monitoring the reactions of clients and stakeholders. Or you might work in teams to try to successfully plan and execute a global sporting event, using a project management simulator. Or you might try to overcome the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” in a simulation that requires tacit cooperation in using a shared resource to produce your product.


Amanda Kelly

Professor, Master in Visual and Digital Media and Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

Associate director, digital, Pickles PR

Balvinder Singh Powar

Professor, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior, Master in Cybersecurity and Global Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Co-founder and Board Member, MD Spain BOOSTER Space Industries
Adjunct Professor, IE Business School & University

Alessandra Zamparini

Professor, Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication FT

External Lecturer, IE University

Andrew McCarthy

Professor, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior and Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Academic Director, Master in Customer Experience & Innovation, IE School of Human Sciences & Technology
Professor, IE Business School
Strategic Design - CX Consultant, oudein.crew

Andrea Pousada

Professor, Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

Co-founder and Clinical/Research Director, Minds Neuroscience Institute

Carmen Goytre

Professor, Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Partner, Rivergo Advisors

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