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Observatory on Latin American Politics: Future Challenges with Luis Alberto Moreno

Amid the profound societal changes Latin America has been experiencing, the region’s middle class nearly doubled in size over the past decade, this year is also seeing many political transformations place.

Most significantly the upcoming presidential elections in the three biggest countries in the region —Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico— with populism closely linked to all, as well as the political changes that have taken place in others as Cuba or Peru. The president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, visited IE School of International Relations in May, to give his take on the political, economic and social happenings in Latin American and the Caribbean.

From the get-go Moreno dived into an overview, looking at the trend lines and the set of challenges the region faces as a whole for economic development. The president of the IDB, a Colombian national, strongly advocated for greater trade and the need for better capacity to integrate the region in a more efficient way. “We have over 33 trade agreements in the region and we would benefit from a stronger coordination to become a major regional player. For example integrating regional trade blocs like Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance has a lot of support and could bring many benefits,” he said. In fact, he suggested the idea that Latin America and the Caribbean should follow Europe’s integration path.

22 May 2018


3rd Annual European Union Simulation in Segovia

The European Union Simulation is an event held by the Bachelor of International Relations and is focused on simulating the EU governing body and the ...

04 May 2018


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IE and Harvard: Building bridges between Europe and the United States

There's a crisis in the transatlantic, and that’s why more than ever we need to build stronger bridges. On Wednesday April 24th, Harvard’s ...

27 Apr 2018


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Trump’s strike didn’t stop Assad last year and won’t stop him now

Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi (a visiting professor at IE School of International Relations), wrote in Al-Jazeera English in April 2018 that Trump’s ...

19 Apr 2018


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Ngaire Woods and the reshaping of the global governance system

The reshaping of the global governance system is on the top of the international relations agenda and it seems as if it may well be for some time. ...

28 Feb 2018


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Rohingya Crisis and UN involvement

Why Pragmatism is Key to Humanitarian Resolve.

The United Nations’ half-hearted response to the Rohingya crisis in Rakhine State (Myanmar) is disappointing, but unsurprising. The Security Council’s failure to act decisively to react to today’s fastest growing humanitarian crisis is reminiscent of its attitude towards similar crises since the 1990s across the world. Despite the ever-extensive toolbox of UN policy makers to deal with large-scale human rights violations, ethnic cleansing campaigns, and acts of genocide, the Rohingya crisis reminds us of the fact that human security is always secondary to political interests. There is no use for idealism. Pragmatism is key.

The Rohingya Muslim minority in Western Myanmar has been subject to state oppression and internal conflict since Myanmar’s independence from Britain in 1948. The roughly one million Rohingya in the state of Rakhine have been effectively stateless since a citizenship law of 1982 which designated them as foreign Bengali from neighboring Bangladesh.

21 Feb 2018


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Having lunch with an IE Professor, Borja Santos Porras

Having lunch with Borja was great! Not only It was a new experience, but also an excellent opportunity. It was the first time we had participated in ...

05 Feb 2018


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The new MIR year begins

The second term of the 2017-2018 academic year in the Master in International Relations (MIR) at IE University is underway after the winter break ...

17 Jan 2018


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MIR 2017 Opening Ceremony

The tenth intake of the Master in International Relations (MIR) gathered the first week of October for the inauguration of the 2017-2018 class at the ...

15 Nov 2017


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The first international conference on mentoring celebrated in Moscow

November 13-14, 2017 will be the first international conference on mentoring celebrated in Moscow, Russia. The theme of the conference: “Evaluation ...

15 Nov 2017



Economic growth is no longer enough

As new technologies subject the world’s economies to massive structural change, wages are no longer playing the central redistributive role they ...

03 Nov 2017


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The Fourth Sector is here to stay

Organizations today are more aware than ever of society’s demands and are adapting, at different speeds, to the changing context of our time. The ...

02 Nov 2017