Haoran Li

Haoran Li

About me

I come from China, specifically the city of Weifang in Shandong Province. I am passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of complex global issues, particularly in the areas of inequality, humanitarian aid and sustainable development. I would describe myself as a proactive and dynamic content creator, because I derive immense satisfaction from the process of transforming important ideas into engaging content that resonates with audiences and drives impactful results. In my personal life, I enjoy traveling, hiking, watching movies and spending time with friends.

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Haoran Li

“IE University fosters a diverse, inclusive environment that encourages holistic learning and collaboration.”

Haoran Li

In pursuit of global impact with the Master in International Development

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in advertising already under her belt, Haoran Li may not seem like a typical candidate for the Master in International Development. But it all fits together to serve her career aspirations. This program is specifically aimed at creating leaders who can solve the complex challenges associated with promoting sustainable prosperity around the world. Haoran plans to leverage her communication-focused background to champion the causes she is passionate about, such as sustainable development.

Driven by her interest in content creation, Haoran's academic foundations in journalism and advertising provided her with a nuanced understanding of effective communication strategies. Her initial career prospects included opportunities within advertising agencies or roles in the media industry. However, she was looking for purpose and meaning beyond traditional advertising avenues, which eventually steered her toward international development.

Haoran’s decision to pursue her degree at IE University was based on the institution's innovative and forward-thinking approach to education. She was searching for a program that would provide her with a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges facing the world today, coupled with the tools necessary to implement effective solutions in the field of international development.

IE University offers an immersive learning experience with intensive courses and practical skill-building opportunities that help students apply their knowledge. Haoran highlights the numerous networking opportunities provided to her, emphasizing the importance of active participation and engagement with public figures to broaden perspectives.

“I believe that IE University will provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges facing the world today and equip me with the necessary tools to implement effective solutions to pursue my career goals in the field of international development.”

Haoran Li
Haoran Li

In one of these opportunities, Haoran had the privilege of attending the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event was organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and fully funded by the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, showcasing the global reach and collaborative nature of IE University.

Another element that Haoran appreciates is the diverse community, “IE University fosters an inclusive environment that encourages holistic learning and collaboration.” This was important to her when choosing a university because she sees inclusivity as a cornerstone for sustainable progress.

In the short term, Haoran envisions utilizing the skills acquired through the Master in International Development program to collaborate with non-governmental organizations or international entities in developing countries. 

Looking further ahead, Haoran hopes to land a position related to media and communication within an international organization, where she can work towards sustainable development solutions. Her mission is to foster cross-cultural collaborations and advocate for policy changes that prioritize inclusivity, envisioning a world where diversity is celebrated and every voice is heard.

For those considering joining IE University, Haoran recommends it wholeheartedly. She advises prospective students to start gathering information and preparing their applications well in advance. The more interesting things they can accomplish, the better their chances of gaining admission to the program they want to pursue.

Students like Haoran embark on a transformative personal and professional journey at IE University. In her words, “This journey will not only open new doors but also unveil a new and improved version of yourself.”