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Juan Pedro Gómez

About me

I am originally from Spain but my passion for different languages, cultures and cities has meant that I’ve been fortunate enough to work all over the world. While I completed my studies in Madrid, my professional career has allowed me to teach in schools all across the globe, including the Stern School of Business at New York University and the Centro de Investigación Económica in Mexico City. When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me either with a book in hand, or on a flight to my next adventure—which as of late includes diving! I’m always striving to learn more about new cultures and meet incredible people.

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“The diversity and richness of both our faculty members and our students at IE University is what makes it so unique”.

Juan Pedro Gómez

A passion for diversity, data and statistics rooted him at IE University

Juan Pedro Gómez is a financial economist whose love of complex statistics fuels his desires to understand the intricacies of human behaviors and what drives economists to behave in certain ways. In fact, one of his main lines of research is looking into stock portfolio management and the power certain incentives can have on decision making.

In addition, Juan collaborates on a variety of research projects with other like-minded academics to ensure his research findings are always backed up with empirical data. For Juan, when trying to understand human relationships, it’s not enough to simply learn abstract theories. Instead, he works hard to ensure the figures behind them make sense too. And his hard work is evident as he has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Economic Theory, and he holds a Bachelor in Actuarial Sciences and a PhD in Economics.

Learning and teaching have always been the driving forces behind Juan’s work. His passion for sharing his learnings, whether of languages, theories or data analysis, has taken him all over the globe and provided him with some incredible personal and professional experiences. After living abroad for many years, he decided to plant his roots back in Madrid.

This, combined with his sharp mind for business and finance, has led Juan to become an associate professor in corporate finance at IE Business School. Here, he strives to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in his students, all the while making sure they stay finance-savvy and one step ahead of the game. What makes Juan tick is seeing his students understand the importance of taking finance into account when launching their bright ideas—and he believes IE University provides the perfect setting for him to do this.

One of the programs Juan teaches is the Master in Applied Economics, which he believes gives students the indispensable skills needed to tackle the global world of finance. Juan knows wholeheartedly that, to succeed as an entrepreneur, students must understand the financial aspects behind their goals, and he strives every day to ensure they do exactly that.

Juan passionately believes that richness and diversity in culture is the key for success, and he has no doubt that IE University’s global culture only helps to enrich both his and his students’ educations. One of the many reasons why he loves his job at IE University is that he’s constantly surrounded by colleagues and students from all over the world from whom he can learn and grow.

To tackle the challenges of the ever-changing climates of the finance and business worlds, Juan believes it’s absolutely essential for students to be passionate, innovative and resourceful, and he’s grateful for IE University’s dynamic and forward-thinking curriculum which facilitates this.

“The diversity and richness of both our faculty members and our students at IE University is what makes it so unique”.


Juan Pedro Gómez | IE School of Global and Public Affairs


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