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Siqi Wei

About me

I grew up in a small town in Northeast China. I went to high school in Guangdong university in Beijing, before coming to Madrid to pursue a PhD in Economics. If I were to answer why I chose such a life trajectory, I would say it comes from “curiosity.” On one hand, there’s the curiosity about the world outside of my hometown and the world outside of China that makes me want to embrace new experiences. On the other hand, I realize that economics can give me a new pair of eyes to see and understand the world. I will continue fulfilling my curiosity and using my economics toolkit to understand society better.

shapeSiqi Wei

“Listen to voices from different perspectives, and contribute your own voice, which all together will benefit everyone.”

Siqi Wei

Following a curiosity for new perspectives

Siqi Wei embraces new perspectives to understand both what is familiar and what’s unfamiliar to her in the world. And she is doing so in a place far-removed from the small town where she grew up. An early interest in economics led her to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, but it was curiosity that motivated Siqi to further her experiences in Madrid. Her work in economics continues at research institute CEMFI, where she focuses on topics such as applied econometrics, though Siqi has a special interest in understanding the risks that workers face.

Going into education seemed like a natural path for Siqi; witnessing her mother’s career as a devoted and respected high school teacher influenced her to become an educator herself. In her own experience of teaching, Siqi has realized how much she can learn from preparing lessons and communicating with students. Indeed she says the mutual respect between students and her colleagues is something very special to her. At IE University she teaches microeconometrics, empowering finance professionals to learn from micro-level data.

Her work on the Master in Applied Economics allows Siqi to leverage her naturally inquisitive character to create different approaches to learning the subject. She sees opportunities for professionals to combine theory with practice, believing they will not merely understand the subject matter, but will know how to apply their knowledge to solve practical problems. For Siqi, the Master in Applied Economics helps students understand some of the fundamental logic behind how society functions, which in turn allows them to make better decisions.

Her philosophy is that economics can give us another set of eyes to see the world in a new light. She says economics affects all aspects of life, including governments, firms and individuals, at both the micro and macro levels. In common with other disciplines, data collection and utilization are considered commonplace in the field. As a result, Siqi asserts, the knowledge and skills she imparts on the program are transferable to many of the roles that most need filling by enterprises and government departments alike. That’s why she believes that mastering these skills can greatly increase job opportunities and help career development.

“Professors at IE University have excellent educational backgrounds and very rich work experience. This is a very valuable asset and advantage in combining theory with practice.”

Speaking about IE University specifically, she believes that a teaching environment can influence a person’s willingness to take on challenges, and their perception of what they think is possible. Siqi views IE University’s uniquely diverse ecosystem as opening another new path for her curiosity to follow. She greatly appreciates the interaction with both the outstanding faculty and talented students from all over the world who make up our community. She hopes to make her own contribution to this diverse community through her research and teaching.

With that in mind, Siqi is always attentive to the fact that other people have experiences that differ from her own. She seeks out those differences, preferring to hear different perspectives and adding her own voice when she can. This is an exchange, she believes, that benefits everyone, and she urges prospective students to be similarly open-minded.

Away from teaching, when she can find time to sit back and relax, Siqi keeps herself entertained by watching The Wire, or reading books that further her knowledge like Angus Deaton’s “The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality” or Judea Pearl’s “Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference.” She is always learning anew and sharing her knowledge, which explains why she’s fit right in at IE University.

“Listen to voices from different perspectives, and contribute your own voice, which all together will benefit everyone.”