What is foreign aid and does it work?



Foreign aid is assistance given out by donors such as governments or NGOs for several reasons, ranging from moral or altruistic interests to political or economic ones. However, once the aid is distributed, there is no tracking mechanism for this aid. For this reason, some experts question the effectiveness of foreign aid. Others argue it is crucial in order to solve the poverty trap.

Professor’s bio

Waya Quiviger has worked for the World Economic Forum in Geneva as Manager of the Global Leaders for Tomorrow (GLTs), a community of outstanding young leaders, many of them social entrepreneurs. She has also consulted for the Women’s Forum and the Club de Madrid.

She currently teaches Global Governance & International Organizations and Aid, Development and Social Entrepreneurship in the Bachelor in International Relations and in the Master in International Relations. From 2009 to 2018, she was the Executive Director of the Master in International Relations.