We are our people, and our people are HST At the core of HST are the people who make up our community: future-forward students, expert faculty, brilliant alumni... We are defined by everything they are and do.

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enrolled HST students learning to innovate

HST alumni ready to change the world of work

Diverse students

Our students are open-minded, innovative thinkers from every corner of the world.

HST Leadership Team

Profile - Lee Newman Lee Newman

Dean School of Human Sciences and Technology

Profile - Begoña González-Cuesta Begoña González-Cuesta

Dean Communication and Media

Profile - Norman Kurtis Norman Kurtis

Vice Dean Behavior and Human Development

Profile - Patricia Morales de Setién Ravina Patricia Morales de Setién Ravina

Executive Director of Programs

Meet the whole team

Meet the team


Meet our People. This is the HST community, this is where things happen. We owe it all to our innovative ideas and disruptive energy. We are the creators and transformers of the new world of work. We have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, but we bring them together to paint the world in our own unique way.

This project reflects how we break molds every day, boldly moving forward into the blank canvas that is our future, painting it our own way, under our own terms, and what’s left behind is our own bespoke burst of color. We are constantly moving forward with bold innovation as we search for the next blank canvas we can turn into our very own work of art.  This is us in full color.

Get inspired through our stories with these behind-the-scenes interviews.


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