Master in Computer Science & Business Technology

Master in Computer Science & Business Technology

When it comes to innovative tech, computer science is the gold standard. The Master in Computer Science and Business Technology will prepare you to become a builder of tomorrow’s technology. You will become a business-savvy computer scientist, capable of designing and developing the disruptive, groundbreaking tech of the future.

Mode of Study
11 Months

*The 2022-2023 intake starts on September 19th.



This is a University Private Degree from IE Universidad*. More Information on what earning a University Private Degree from IE Universidad entails.

*IE Universidad is a University officially recognized by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to grant both University Official Degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees), which are specifically regulated and accredited by Spanish Ministry of Education and University Private Degrees (Master), that are specifically designed by the University towards the professional application of their studies and the constant update of higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE. Both types of degrees are equally backed by the rigor and prestige of IE University.

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Career-focused Computer Science & Business Technology Master Program

IE University molds students into future-forward and versatile professionals, using methodologies that put innovation and employability at the forefront.

Transformative knowledge

You’ll learn the foundations of computing, digital technologies, and innovation methods… You will become a business-savvy expert that designs and develops technologies that will change the way we work and live.


Learn from the real pioneers of the new digital economy

Our faculty is made up of a diverse group of academics and professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom.


Roll up your sleeves

You work in teams on practical projects right from the start. You’ll work directly with corporate partners to develop tech applied to real business use-cases.


Opportunities are endless

No industry or business can escape the need to innovate and integrate tech into their operations and strategy. You’ll be the expert they’re looking for.

Computer Science & Business Technology Master Academic Director

ProfileAraceli García

Professor, Master in Computer Science & Business Technology

Academic director, Master in Computer Science & Business Technology
Group IT Service Delivery Lead, International Airlines Group GBS

Araceli García

Professor, Master in Computer Science & Business Technology

Academic director, Master in Computer Science & Business Technology
Group IT Service Delivery Lead, International Airlines Group GBS

Meeting with the Academic Director
Term Integration Project

Araceli García earned her Ingeniero Superior de Telecomunicaciones from Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, Spain. She worked in the R&D center of Ericsson at Madrid for 5 years, in the development of the mobile telephony HLR product. She joined Vodafone to launch their mobile telephony service in Spain where she occupied  different senior management positions within the Technology area such as Network Director and CIO; she was member of the Group IT committee driving the globalization of IT across the different countries. In 2012 Araceli joined Telefonica as Global Cloud Services Director where she defined and launched the operations of their Tier IV data center as well as the operations of  their internal cloud, providing services to all the companies of the group.  In 2016 she joined IAG to lead Group IT service in Iberia and to support the transformation of the local team to a global and distributed organization with an important plan ahead to modernize and digitalize their business. Araceli’s key areas of expertise are  technology management and IT transformation. She has strong experience too in leading multinational organizations and multicultural teams. She is actively engaged with  different professional groups to promote women into work, with special focus in developing women into technology related careers.

Why Study a Master in Computer Science & Business Technology?

Computer science skills get you where you want to go

Nearly 2/3 of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in fields like marketing, design, data analytics, and engineering are linked to computer science skills. (Oracle Academy, Burning Glass Technologies)

Computer scientists have a huge impact on our lives

Computer science has changed and continues to revolutionize the way we work

"Computers and software are displacing entire industries and making other industries more effective." (Forbes)

  • Estrella

    The rise of Google, the rise of Facebook, the rise of Apple, I think are proof that there is a place for computer science as something that solves problems that people face every day.

    Eric Schmidt

    Executive Chairman, Google


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