Why IE School of Science & Technology

IE School of Science & Technology is on the cutting edge of STEM education. We provide students with a multi-disciplinary education based on high-impact research and led by a faculty of industry experts to help train them to address complex global technological issues. Immersed in one of Europe’s leading tech hubs and with links to leading tech organizations worldwide, our students go on to pursue impactful and rewarding careers in their chosen fields.

Reason 1: Academic alliances

We have a range of partnerships to offer our students as many hands-on opportunities in SciTech as possible and encourage them to think outside the box. From technological entrepreneurship to student exchanges, our academic alliances enable us to offer students a world view of the technological landscape.

Reason 2: Industry partnerships

Our work with leading tech organizations across the world means we provide our students with a broad landscape of the technological field and many professional internship placements. Their programs take them on an academic journey that is enriched with additional opportunities in the professional world.

Reason 3: Research initiatives & projects

At IE School of Science & Technology, we work with technological think tanks and startups to boost research, contribute to knowledge exchange and enable our students to leave their mark on SciTech from the very start of their careers.

Reason 4: Entrepreneurial edge

We’re passionate about entrepreneurship at IE School of Science & Technology. With this in mind, we consistently work with the startups of the future to help our students discover where their programs can take them and step into the real world through hands-on opportunities.

Reason 5: Sustainable mindset

In our modern era, technology can be used to boost sustainability efforts across the world. That’s why we work towards the UN SDGs and lead sustainability datathons for our students to discover how their program can enable them to make a difference in our globalized world.

Reason 6: Student experience

Our students have a range of opportunities to get involved outside their program and expand their technological knowledge, gain hands-on experience or develop their soft skills through exchanges and international programs.

Reason 7: Inspiring innovation with great minds

As an internationally renowned institution, we regularly host talks with technological leaders so that students get a front-row seat to industry developments and are inspired to drive positive change through their program.

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