Financial Aid

Thanks to the generous support of students, alumni, partners, and benefactors, and to the sponsorship of a whole host of companies and organizations – all of them committed to international education focused on entrepreneurialism and a humanistic approach – the IE Foundation can make its renowned educational model available to those candidates that show a lot of potential but don’t have sufficient resources and can promote important, cutting-edge, international research, which is vital to teaching excellence and beneficial for the entire IE network and for society as a whole.

The IE Foundation’s three main activities are funding scholarships and support for the training of students, professors, and researchers; promoting research by funding research centers, professorships, and collaborations with businesses and institutions; and, finally, supporting academic and cultural work through publications, sponsorship of different cultural activities, and assistance with our library collections and bibliographic resources for research.

"Being granted the IE University Collaboration Award has helped me in many ways. Firstly, it gave me the incredible opportunity to continue pursuing my passion for business, always motivating me to perform my best. Additionally, I am a part of the admissions department and I am required to talk with families at events, and this has helped me to improve constantly and learn new skills."
"I was enticed by the idea of studying abroad for the entirety of my undergraduate career. With IE University, I have the opportunity to make this a reality and even have the option to do an exchange year as part of my program. I’m confident that the scholarship and experiences gained at IE University will give me an edge as a prospective professional."
"I have learned about large-scale event planning, and I have also become well-versed in different channels of communication—something that will come in handy upon graduation. Finally, the experience has shown me the importance of knowing how to properly present yourself, whether you’re representing your university, your company, or yourself."
"It’s helped me become a professional. I’ve been able to develop skills and competencies that will allow me to be ready for the ever-changing, globalized world we live in today. And for that, I will be forever thankful."


If ever there was a university fully committed to promoting entrepreneurial spirit, it’s IE University. The IE Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship is directed toward candidates who have developed an entrepreneurial or social project over the course of their studies.


IE University considers the humanities one of its foundations and constantly promotes the intellectual and professional development of students who cultivate, study, and enjoy disciplines and fields such as history, philosophy, the art of public speaking, and literature, as well as the rich neighboring universe of culture and the arts. As part of this effort, IE Foundation sets aside a number of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies.


Scholarship for students of any IE program who stand out through their participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports, cultural activities, social projects, etc.


Scholarship for candidates planning to study in one of our undergraduate programs who have an excellent academic record. In order to qualify for this grant, students must have an outstanding academic career over the course of their studies before enrolment at IE University. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to revise the financial aid awarded in the event that the grant requirements are not maintained


One of the IE Foundation’s main objectives is to promote the highest standards in education worldwide, recognizing that education is the fastest means for the development of societal welfare. Aware of this fact, the IE Foundation has a special commitment to countries experiencing challenging situations that limit their citizens’ access to education and impede their social development as a result.


This scholarship is specifically designed to support women who are interested in launching a career in STEM or STEM-related areas or already have experience in those fields (science, technology, engineering or math). Selection will be based on the candidate’s academic and/or personal merit alongside their proven financial needs.

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