Financial Aid

This section includes information on the two types of scholarships available: scholarships awarded by external organizations and scholarships awarded by the IE Foundation.

Thanks to the generous support of students, alumni, partners, and benefactors, and to the sponsorship of a whole host of companies and organizations – all of them committed to international education focused on entrepreneurialism and a humanistic approach – the IE Foundation can make its renowned educational model available to those candidates that show a lot of potential but don’t have sufficient resources and can promote important, cutting-edge, international research, which is vital to teaching excellence and beneficial for the entire IE network and for society as a whole.

The IE Foundation’s three main activities are funding scholarships and support for the training of students, professors, and researchers; promoting research by funding research centers, professorships, and collaborations with businesses and institutions; and, finally, supporting academic and cultural work through publications, sponsorship of different cultural activities, and assistance with our library collections and bibliographic resources for research.

For more information regarding Financial Aid in IE University, please go to our website:

IE Financial Aid