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IE Business School awards tuition funding assistance based on merit, distinctive competencies and academic excellence. The Master in Management tuition fee is 35.200€*. Many of our students visit our Financial Aid office for a personal consultation to address their financial needs, and we will be happy to speak on the phone or set up an appointment if you have any questions.

* Please bear in mind that prices are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Admission Process

The IE Admissisons Department makes a rigorous selection among the large numbers of candidates who apply: selecting dynamic, creative, high-potential profiles who stand out by their academic and professional achievements as well as interpersonal skills.

  • 1. Online Application

    The online application is your cover letter

    The admissions process starts upon your submission of the online application along with the supporting documents.

    The application provides the Admissions Committee with key foundations when it comes to evaluating candidates. It is therefore essential that you use this opportunity to present information based on thorough examples that you think make you a unique addition to the IE family regarding relevant academic and professional achievements, together with concerns, aspirations and motivations that are aligned with the IE culture and core values.

    It will take roughly 3 weeks for the Admissions Committee to review your file and provide you with initial feedback.

    You are able to work on or review your online application at any time, as the content will only become available to the Admissions Department upon submission.

  • 2. Interview

    The interview examines the data provided in the application in greater detail and evaluates whether your profile will meet the demands of the program and add value within the class discussion and group work.

    Should the Admissions Committee grant you an interview upon the review of your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview in person, whether in Madrid or in your country through one of our offices. In the case you are based in a country where we do not have an office and you are not able to come to Madrid for the interview, we can also schedule a skype interview for you.

    However, if you are close by and have the opportunity to come on campus, we highly recommend it, as you can combine it with an event on campus and imagine your Master in Management experience here in Madrid!

  • Final decision

    Following the interview and upon review of your entire application, the Admissions Committee will make its final decision based on the evaluation of your candidature as a whole. A final decision communication is typically 3 weeks after the interview has taken place, considering all documents have been received.

    If the Admissions Committee feels you do not meet the profile we are looking for, then you will directly be denied admission to the program. Should this occur, you will only be eligible to reapply after 2 years have elapsed.

    • Your admission is valid for the intake you have applied and the following.
    • Once you are admitted, the next step is to pay the Place Reservation and the Contribution to IE Foundation in order to ensure your place.

Prepare for the IE Entrance Exams

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Financial Aid Helps You Fund Your Master Degree Experience

Studying at IE Business School is an investment of time, effort and financial resources. To help students manage the funding of their program, IE Financial Aid provides access to scholarships, fellowships and student loan programs. When planning your master program experience it’s important to take into account all program and related expenses, to be sure your budget is realistic and that you’ll have the necessary resources to fund it. So for example if you plan on doing an unpaid internship with an NGO as part of your master degree experience, this is an additional expense you’ll need to plan for. As each student has the opportunity to make their IE experience a unique one, each student will have unique funding needs. Below we’ve provided additional information on the types of financial assistance IE offers, and how you can apply for Financial Aid.

IE Financial Aid: Scholarships, Fellowships and Student Loans.

- The IE Foundation offers different types of scholarships, as well as fellowships, designed for different types of IE Student profiles
- The criteria for awarding scholarships and fellowships is based on academic merit as well as economic need
- As part of IE’s continuing support for women in the workplace, a special fund for women has been created to improve access to an IE Master’s program

- IE has agreements with different financial institutions that can help with the financing of your program
- These special financing agreements offer competitive interest rates
- In some cases, students of full time programs can defer repayment of the loan for the duration of the program.

Every year, thanks to our scholarship system and our agreements with financial institutions, around 40% of IE Master students receive some form of financial assistance

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Scholarship and fellowship applications must be submitted through the online form available at www.ie.edu/financialaid once completed the online admission form and always before the opening day of your program.

Loan applications must be submitted before specific deadlines once you have been admitted to IE. Please contact loans@ie.edu for a customized attention of the best loan offering applicable to you. Those students that have outstanding loans from Prodigy or Sabadell will receive a provisional diploma at the graduation ceremony due to the specific conditions in place with these cooperating financial institutions. While the diploma itself contains text indicating it is provisional, there is no difference in the distribution of folders at the graduation ceremony. Once the loan is paid in full, graduates should send the confirmation to registrar@ie.edu so that the final diploma can be mailed by post. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact loans@ie.edu

Once you have submitted a complete Financial Aid application form, typically it takes 1-2 weeks to receive a decision from Financial Aid. Please remember that having admissions to an IE Business School master program is a pre-requisite to being awarded financial assistance.

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