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Elena Yndurain Gil


Elena Yndurain Gil


Information Systems & Technology

Over 13 years experience linking technology with business, bridging the gap between them and turning high-tech initiatives into new business opportunities in the telecom and digital business industry. Driving open innovation working with carriers, developers and academia.

Corporate Experience

• 2009: Adjunct professor at Carlos III University of Madrid and IE Business School Teaching courses at the bilingual program in telecommunications engineering Bachelor of Science and in technology business trends in master of management programs PhD student: Research for Thesis on improving mobility through context-awareness and machine learning

• 2004 – 2009: NOKIA (multinational communications corporation) Software marketing tools manager worldwide, Spain university relations responsible, Industry and Innovation Marketing manager (based in Spain, part time in USA and Finland)

• 2001 – 2004: Diamondcluster international (Today oliver wyman) International Strategy Consultant working in high-tech projects (based in Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Portugal, South Africa and Switzerland)

• 2000 – 2001: Comerzia.com (internet start-up for e-commerce and Loyalty program) CTO responsible for technology information systems department (based in Madrid)

• 1998 – 2000: Ernst & Young (professional services firm) International Management Consultant working in telecom projects (based in Brazil and Spain)

• 1996 – 1998: CapGemini (Multinational information technology services) e-commerce solution developer for telecom and banking industry projects (based in Italy and Spain)

Academic Experience

• Universidad Carlos III Madrid Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering

• Taught several engineering courses for senior students of the bilingual program

• Advisor for Bachelor of Science’ thesis

• Course curriculum creation of the course “Mobile platforms and creating applications over Symbian OS”

• Committee member of the Bachelor of Science Thesis’ presentation

• IE Business School Master Telecom & Digital Business program

• Taught mobile business related courses and created the “Nokia Challenge” program

• Course curriculum creation of the course “Mobile business trends”

• Committee member of the Master’s final project presentation

Academic Background

• Today: PhD candidate ‘Telematics Engineering’, Carlos III University & (Madrid, Spain)

• 2008: MsC ‘Telematics Engineering’, CarlosIII (Madrid, Spain)

• 2003: Executive MBA, IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)

• 1996: BsC ‘Computer Science’, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA)

• 1996: BsC ‘Mathematics’, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA)

• 2006: Graduate course (4credit) ‘Cross Border Innovation’, Harvard University (Boston, USA)

• 2009: Professional course ‘Data modeling’, MIT (Boston, USA)