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Liliana Gelabert Crespo


Liliana Gelabert Crespo



Liliana Gelabert is Assistant Professor of Economics at IE Business School. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Degree in Economics from Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Before joining IE Business School Liliana has been a Professor at IE University, visiting researcher at Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada (Spain) and held a visiting appointment at Helsinki Center of Economic Research (Finland).

Her research focuses on applied microeconomics in the areas of the economics of technical change and environmental economics. In her doctoral dissertation she studied the effectiveness of public policies for R&D activities. “Given the considerable amounts of money that industrialized countries devote to R&D support policies”, she says, “and the strong heterogeneity that we observe in the firms´ reaction to receiving the grant, it is a central question to understand what explains these differences in order to improve the allocation process”. Her contributions to the literature on public policies for R&D activities have been published in the Journal of Industrial Economics.

More recently her research addresses questions about environmental economics as the understanding of the determinants of the development of  “green” patents by firms belonging to highly polluting sectors and the measurement of the effect of public policies to promote renewable energies on the price of electricity. Liliana is a member of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics and the International Association for Energy Economics.

Academic Background

 Ph. D. in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, (Spain)

 M. Sc. in Financial Analysis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

 B. A. in Economics, Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay (Uruguay)

Teaching and Research Experience

 2009-2010, IE University, Professor of Microeconomics and Mathematics

 2007-2009, Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada (FEDEA), Visiting Researcher at the Economics of Climate Change´s Chair

 March-Sept/2006, Helsinki Centre of Economic Research (HECER), Visiting Researcher.
2003-2009, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Department of Business, Teaching Assistant

Selected Publications

  • Rousseau, H., Berrone, P., Gelabert, L. (2019). “Localizing Sustainable Development Goals: Nonprofit Density and City Sustainability”. Academy of Management Discoveries, Vol. 5 (4): 1-27
  • Berrone, P., Gelabert, L., Massa-Saluzzo, F., Rousseau, H. (2016). “Understanding community dynamics in the study of grand challenges: how nonprofits, institutional actors, and the community fabric interact to influence income inequality”. Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(6): 1940-1964
  • Berrone, P., Fosfuri, A., Gelabert, L. (2017). “Does greenwashing pay off? Understanding the relationship between environmental actions and environmental legitimacy”. Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 144(2): 363-379
  • Berrone, P., Fosfuri, A., Gelabert, L., et al. (2012). “Necessity as the mother of “green” inventions: institutional pressures and environmental innovations”. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 34(8): 891-909