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Financial Times 2019 Ranking: IE Business School, the second business school in the world


For the second consecutive year, IE Business School places second on the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2019. This consolidates IE Business School’s international success, further supported by other prestigious global rankings.

IE Business School’s outstanding performance is largely driven by Global MBA program, which has been ranked 3rd online MBA in the world for professional development of students.  Student profiles, their professional growth, academic experience, degree of diversity and the quality of the faculty were all taken into account when determining the rankings, among others.

This program is characterized by its use of technological innovation, helping students (90% of whom are international) to learn via face-to-face sessions, video conferences and discussion forums all within a globalized and digital environment. The program aims to prepare the next generation of leaders by focusing on enhancing their capacity to drive teams forward within an increasingly digitalized environment.

The Global MBA, like many other programs at IE Business School, uses the WOW Room, Europe’s first-ever classroom of the future. The WOW Room uses artificial intelligence, simulations, big data, robots and holograms, among other resources, to promote the use of technology as a way to enhance the learning experience.